Love story of Rivals – intro


Harshvardhan hooda : Head of the hooda industries.. A criminal lawer by himself. A strict father wants his sons to be a part of the business

Anjana harshwardhan hooda : A simple and caring mother. loves his sons more than anything

Aditya hooda : A piolt by his profession . He is carefree who loves to enjoy his life to the fullest . Hates his father as he always forces him

Arjun hooda : A lawer and helps his father in business.. A parttime RJ. He is exactly opposite of Aditya


Waseem siddiqui : A strict father who has his own views. and always tries tobput his decision in his daughters life. Business rival of Harshvardhan

Roshana siddiqui : A loving motger who always supports her daughter to be independent and encourages them in everything

Zoya siddiqui : A sweet and simple girl. She looks after the wedding planing section of business . Loves his sister a lot. She has a bitter past

Noor siddiqui : Younger of Zoya. loves her so much. She is always a rebel infront of her fathers eyes as she always does what her heart says.


Pooja Mathur : Adi’s friend to whom he is engaged. But there are problems as their ideologies doeanot match

Sakshi mathur : Mother of Pooja . Anjana’s bestfriend

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  1. Nice intro , post the first episode soon

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    nice intro

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    Nice intro

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