Love story of Rivals – Episode 1

Its quite night and a big mansion is shown. Inside a mansion a boy in his room is shown packing up his bag . Another young man enters the room with coffee..The man who entered the room taos on the others shoulder and his face is focoused.. he is Aditya Hooda..

Aditya : Arjun.. why are you here at this time.??

Arjun : Because.. i wanted to see you once.. before going

Adi smiles..

Arjun : Now. don’t smile like that are you sure that you want to go without informing Maa and paa

Adi : If Paa. knows i am sure we will have a clash.. although he doesn’t ever give values to my decisions..

Arjun : As you always say.. its your life and your decision.. but can we play a game before leaving..

Aditya : Why not.. Arjun..

They sits in there couch and both looks at eachother..

Arjun : Will we play against eachother or in same side..

Adi : We are always on the same side.. Arjun

Arjun : Then tge dragon will die in first level

Another mansion is shown.. it is quite a simole and traditional type.. Inside the mansion another women is shown watching TV. and a girl slowly walks behind her with her luggage slow speed without making any sound.. The girl who was sitting in the sofa watching TV getsup and says “Appi.. where are you going??

The girl gets shocked..” You scared me noor”!!

Noor : Offo..Zoya Appi.. its so easy to scare you..

Zoya : Very funny..

Noor : But.. aap kaha jarahi hai..

Zoya : Ho.. mere kohinoor.. hum na vacation par jaa rahi hai..

Noor : Itni Raath ko..

She looks at zoya while a drop of tear escapes from eyes…

Noor : You are not over him.. right..

Zoya : Maybe .. i.. i don’t know .. sometimes i need time to get out of that incident..

Noor : phir bhi.. jab bhi uss bare mein baath karthi hai.. aap kamzoor ho jati hai..

Zoya passes a smile to Noor

Zoya : Jinki Aakhen baat baat pe bhig jati hain vo kamzor nahi hote hai . Balki dil se sache hote hai..

Noor : Appi.. apki sher aur shayari.. humari sir ke upar se jarahah hai.. sach mein..

Noor emotionally hugs her

Zoya : Aur hume late ho raha hai.. such mein

Noor : Abbu se kya kahungi..

Zoya : Don’t worry.. i haven’t told them..

Zoya runs after saying it.. and our dearest noor takes time to understand..

Noor : What!!!

Aditya is shown asking lift for taxi.. and exactly in his opposite side we can see zoya who is trying to cross the road..

Aditya takes his taxi and while zoya crosses the road and she also takes a taxi..

Both the taxies reach Airport one after other.. Aditya was taking of his luggages.. While zoya walks .. she doesn’t notice aditya’s bag.. and was about to fell .. But adi holds her..

Aditya : Are you okay???

Zoya pulls him away..

Zoya : Can’t you just put your things…

Aditya : Oh.. helloo.. you were the one who was walking.. you should have also notice . but no.. you girls always have reason to shout on us..

Zoya : Mind.. your words..

Aditya : Mind my words.. Ho.. common

She notices that everyone was watching them and goes without saying a word..

Zoya boards in the flight and she sits at her seat

Zoya : Allah.. don’t make me meet that man again.. he is so irritating..

It is shown that aditya is also entering the flight he sits exactlly near to Zoya.. They both looks at eachother

Aditya : Again.. you .. Wow God..

They both turns to otherside..

Zoya(to herself) : Yeh kya kar diya allah..

Precap :

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  1. I want u to write more on it

  2. Fenil

    Amazing start…continue i m waiting.

  3. Varshini

    superb start . loved the bond between the siblings , waiting to know zoyas past .

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