Love story never ends ( Part 4 )


Hi guys sorry for the delay I now this time I am super late sorry I was busy because with my college assignments and my job, exams and I was busy in naming ceremony of my sister baby and we kept her name as tanu I will stop my bhug bhug now k pls do comments guys positive or negative I get inspired by that or if u any suggestions u can tell me ok here go’s my ff 4th part

Recap: Aryan decides to confess his love to aru.

Clothes Shop:
Aryan: is seen purchasing a dress for aru ( in background songs plays Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai
Ye Pyar To Tum Se Karta Hai
Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai
Ye Pyar To Tum Se Karta Hai
Par Saamne Jab Tum Aate Ho, Kuch Bhi Kehne Se Darta Hai ) he gets confusion in selecting dresses finally he chooses one dress and closes his eyes imaging aru wearing it and looking very pretty he open’s his eye’s and finalize that dress and leaves from there he comes to aru’s room and find aru is not there in the room and thinks before she comes I want do my work and leave he starts decorate her room and he keep his dress near bed with letter for aru and leaves from there .
Aru: comes to room she finds her room decorated and gets surprise seeing her room decorated with a smile says what’s all this and sees a beautiful full dress kept on bed with a letter for here she takes and says wow wht a beautiful dress for me who kept it and looks at everywhere she does not find anyone in her room and finds a letter in that dress she takes it and smiles reading.

Location shift to beach
Aryan: Is doing preparation’s for aru and waiting and says I hope aru sees that letter and come here fast

Location shift to aru room
Aru : takes letter and starts reading it with a bold smile ( mere pyare do foot ki dinosaur my cute 2 foot dinosaur I want to tell u something from long time I am waiting to say this if wont’t say u now I don’t in future I would get chance to say or not ( with this line aru get’s emotional ) she continue reading in background song plays Tu Meri Zindagi Hai Tu Meri Har Khushi Hai Tu Hi Pyar Tu Hi Chaahat plays aru I don’t want to loose u aru for anyone I want to confess u something directly can pls come to beach wearing the dress which I bought for u I will be waiting for u aru ( mey ahra hu Aryan mujase bhi aba intha sar nayi otha tumse milane ke liya tum se apne dil ki baat kar ne liye) I am comeing Aryan now I cant also wait to meet u and to tell what’s in my heart she picks the dress and go to get ready
Aryan: he is waiting for he is looking super handsome wearing blue jeans, white shirt with blue colour coat with a beautiful red rose in hand he see’s someone shadow and turns to see he keeps looking at her ( its none other than our aru she is looking dam pretty in that dress wow
Aru: coming with beautiful red gown with loose hair holding her gown she enters there she smiles seeing Aryan and says is looking handsome in this dress
Aryan: she is looking like an angel for me
Aryan&aru keep looking at each other for few minutes in back ground song plays Dil Ne Tum Ko Chun Liya Hai
Tum Bhi Usko Chuno Na
Khwaab Koi Dekhta Hai
Tum Bhi Sapne Buno Na
Dil Ne Tum Ko Chun Liya Hai
Tum Bhi Usko Chuno Na
Khwaab Koi Dekhta Hai
Tum Bhi Sapne Buno Na
Aru: slowly walks towards Aryan flowers showers on her see gets happy seeing that
Aryan decorated place with ballons and flowers he done heart in red roses have kept the pics of they old memories
Aryan: he also slowly walks towards aru
and they both come infront of them and says I want to say something at same time
Aru: Aryan muje tumse kuch kehana hai

Aryan: Keeps his hand on her mouth and says ( nayi aru tum kuch mata bholana aja seraf mein boluga aur tum sunoge ) keeping his hands on aru mouth and says no aru today only I will say u will listen to me ( muje nayi patha tha ki mein kabhi zindagi mein kise 2 foot ki dinosaur se pyar karuga ) I was don’t that in my life I ever love 2 foot ki dinosaur.
Aru: gives him angry look and (tum mere masak udane ke liye yah pe bhula ya ho kya tika hey mein chale jata hu ) for making fun of me u called me here I am going k she leaves
Aryan: holds her hand and says sorry I was jokeing pls listen to me from the day I saw u aru I started loving u ur always special to me aru when ur around me I forget everything without u I cant imagine my life also ( in back ground song plays Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey, Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa
Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke
Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke
Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke
Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke
Dil Chura Liya Maine Ikraar Karke
Ikraar Karke, Ikraar Karke
Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke
Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke
Mere Diljaani Mere Maahi Mere Dholna
Koi Sun Lega Zara Dheere Dheere Bolna ) flowers shower on them aru without u I cant leave u are my everything aru he sits on his knees with holding red flower in is hands and tell I love u aru will u accept me as your life patner please don’t say no without u cant even think of living aru will expect me ( saying this he looks at aru )
Aru: similingly and tears in hers says I love u too Aryan only not u I cant also live without u will u become my life patner without u Aryan I cant think anything my day starts from u and ends with u itself ( saying they both look at eachother and share eye look )
Aryan&aru huge tightly each other (in background music plays taraa taraa taraa haa haa taara ra ra aaaa kyu ki tum hi tho ho mere zindagi kyu kit um hi tho ho meri jaan )
After sometime Aryan realizes that aru told him that she have a boyfriend then how come she accepted me
Aryan ; breaks the hug and ask aru u told u have boyfriend right giving angry wala look
Aru : ( in heart are baap re aba tho mein paas gaye aba kya karu ) making cute puppy face and looking at Aryan and says sorry Aryan wo mein masak karat ha ( I was jokeing Aryan )
Aryan : kya with angry voice and realizes that they haven’t gone to any trip from the college tho tumne muje budhu banaya ( u made me fool aru ) but y
Aru : Similingly hare Aryan what do u made me lie
Aryan: me how come

Aru: than wht u love me then u did not told me that u also love me so I thought to make u confess so I did I am sorry Aryan ( holding her ears with cute face sorry Aryan )
Aryan: slowly looking at aru and melts seeing her cute face he pulls aru near him and says do foot ki dinosaur kit ho bahut dhimaga chata hey aja kal kya baat hey
Aru : similingly I love u Aryan and hugs him tightly
Aryan : with smile me 2 and hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead
Aru : I am feeling very hungry can eat something
Aryan: of course chhotu I am also feeling very much hungry come lets go
Aryan stars his bike and sits and holds him tightly and they go from there
Near dhaba
Aryan: u place the order I will fresh up and come k baby
Aru: k my dear Aryan come fast and give the order
Aryan: comes hare wah all things are my favorite thank u so much
Aru: k let’s she makes Aryan eat with her hands
Aryan : makes aru with his hand
Aru : while Aryan make her eat she bites his finger
Aryan: ah aru wht did u done
Aru ; similingly sorry Aryan
They both finish they dinner and goes.
Tulsi & pavithra are talking
Tulsi: I don’t know when our kids complete they studies and come back
Pavithra: s ur saying right I am also missing them they even did not make a call to us
Tulsi : wht happen if they wont we will only call them.
Scene ends with tulsi

Precap: Aryan and aru are seen dancing in rain and romancing while kumu and pvr are seeing something and get scared and Aryan and aru are seen in holding eachother.

So guys this my ff 4th part I hope u all like if u don’t like it please tell me I will try to rectify it please comment positive or negative and u can suggest me also. Waiting for ur valuable comments and as soon as possible I will post the next part and guys think what is the secret kumu and pvr are hiding if u dislike this u can tell me pls comment.

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