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Love story never ends ( Part 3 )


So guys here goes 3rd part of ff hope u guys like it and please comment

Recap: Aryan & aru are looking at each other varun & shivani disturbs them.
College campus
All four of them are sitting and having a talk varun and shivani leave them alone and go
Aryan : in heart sab loga mere aru kohi deka rehe agar meri aru ko nazar laga gaye tho mann tho kart hey sab ke ache nikal lo ( all of them are seeing my aru itself wht if see get bad omen means I wish to remove all of them eyes )
Aru : Aryan kya socha rehe ho ( wht are u thinking aryan )
Aryan : tum mare bere mein ( about u )

Aru : smilingly mere bare mein kya ( about me wht ) muje propose karne ke liye tho nayi socha reho na aryan ( ur not thinking to propose me na )
Aryan : kya tume mein purpose kara huga ( wht do u think I will purpose u na ) agar tum duniya ke akare ladki bhi bache hona tho bhi mein tume purpose nayi karuga ( if ur the last girl of the world na then also I will not purpose u ) do foot ki dinosaur ( in heart he says after my death I love u only aru )

Aru : acha tho muje bhi tumse pyar karne ki interest nayi hey samja mr.0 iq agar tum duniya ka akare ladaka bhi bacha hoga na tho bhi mein tumse pyar nayi karuge ( I am also not interested to love understand mr.0 iq if ur last person of the world na then also I will not accept u understand ) ( in heart she says after my death also I love u only Aryan accept u nobody has place in my heart I love aryan ) tho tum aba baat neka kasta karoge tum mere bare mein kya socha rehe vo ( now can u pls tell wht ur thinking about me )

Aryan : vo mein socha raha tha ki agar tum rose dera se ootha thi vo tho tumare saadhi ke baad tumar pati aur tumara sasural vale ka kya hoga ( I was thinking tht after ur marriage wht will happen to ur husband and ur in laws ( in heart he says only I will become ur husband aru )
Aru : tum hamesa meri masak uda thi vona Aryan ( u always make fun of me in heart she thinks only u will become my husband Aryan ) ( in heart she thinks and get a idea to make aryan jealous and confess is love to her and thinks lie him that she have already a boyfriend to her she now mr.aryan chimaji wht I will do with u agar mein tumse pyar ka isar nayi kar vayi na tho mera nam bhi aradhaya pradhuman vidhayadar rao nayi ) if I will not u confess ur love na for me than my name is also not aradhaya pradhuman vidhayadar rao nayi. She tells him y r u thinking about me
They look at each other and have a eye look in background music plays ( tum hi ho aba tum hi ho mere jidagi song plays ) after sometime they relise and at down
Aryan : feeling bad kyu mein tumare bare nayi socha saka thivo kya ( y I should not think about u)
Aru : nayi vase nayi tum socha saka thivo ( not like tht u can think ) par tum kyu perisan ho rahe vo meri liye ( but y r u taking stress for me ) mere bare mein tho mera boyfriend Nikhil socha hega na ( about my bf Nikhil will think na )
Aryan : with teary eyes and disbelief and kya kha tumne tumara bf ( wht did u told ur bf )
Aru : ha Aryan mera bf hey tho mera hi boluga na tumara todina bola saka thi hu kyat um bhi ( s my bf if I have bf means I will tell my only how can I tell ur’s wht can’t u understand this also )
Aryan : feeling bad and tells tum masak kara rahi vona ( ur jokeing right ) tumar bf kaise ho saka tha hey aru aur kyu hey ( how could u have bf aru and y u have )
Aru : tume kyu bura laga raha Aryan tum mujse pyar todina kar thivo ( y ur feeling bad Aryan u don’t love na )
Aryan : with low voice y I will feel bad I was feeling to that boy loves u ( in heart aru I love u aru but today u r going far from me )
Aru : he is so handsome I meted him in college trip he proposed me but still now I didn’t accepted his proposal but I am thinking to accept him he was waiting for me from long days
Aryan : with relief on his face and happily says abji tak tumne accept nayi kiya kay ( still now u did not accepted him ) in heart I wont leave u to accept him aru before u accept him I will confess my love to u so when ur accepting him and confess ur love to him
Aru : mein socha rhe thiki aba mein use aur intasar nayi karava ugi aja he mein uuse batha dugi ki mein bhi use bahut pyar kart hi vu ( I was thinking tht I will not make wait him for long today only I will tell him )
Aryan : kya ( wht ) no aru today is bad day u don’t accept him today tomorrow u tell him k
Aru : smilingly ( in heart ab aya na uuta pada ke niche ) no camel came na under the tree y Aryan no today only I will tell him wait I will call him tell come and meet me
Aryan : gets tensed and in heart iss do foot ki dinosaur ko kya jarurath hey aje bhola neke hey tho mann hi nayi rahi hey kya karu aba mein ( this 2 inch dinosaur is not listeing to me only wht to do now )

Aru : is about to dial the number
Aryan : one minute aru pls don’t him today u get well prepare and tell him tomorrow if get nervous means
Aru : smilingly in heart but Aryan
Aryan : no but and all ur telling him tomorrow itself k
Aru : k baba ur saying right I will prepare and tell him tomorrow itself k happy now
Aryan : with relief and tells k aba tum hostel challo muje kuch kham he mein ho pura kar ke athi vu tika hey
Aru : kya kham hey ( wht work u have ) in heart she says I know wht work u have aryan
Aryan : tume batana sarure hey kya tum jav na ( its important to tell u everything u go na )
Aru : with sad face tika hey math bata na ( k don’t tell me ) mey chal thi hu ( I am going ) bye she turns and smiles she leaves from there
Aryan : muje maf karana aru mey tume abhi ney baat saka thi hu kyuki mein tume surprise dena cha thi vo ( I am sorry aru I cant tell u because I want to give u surprise ) and tells to himself challo Aryan beta jaldi tayare karlo varna tumara pyar kise ora ki ojage ( fast I want to do arrangements otherwise ur will be taken by someone ) he says cant loose u aru ur my life my day starts with u and end with today at any cost i will propose u aru I love u so much.

So guys here ends my ff with 3rd part keep thinking how Aryan will confess his love to aru and in style he will propose her pls comment on this I will get more inspiration by ur comments hope u guys like it

Precap: Aryan is seen doing arrangements to propose aru there in krishnavathi pvr and kumu is talking and is tensed for some matter tulsi and pavithra are seen happy and cooking food.

Credit to: Aru

    Plzz post the next part asap..

  2. Crazy..Sheeba

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  3. Super duper hit episode

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