My Love Story- Mehrya OS

Hey guys,
How are u all? Sorry for being late. This is my first effort on Mehrya. Hope u enjoy reading. Before starting let me introduce myself as many of u don’t know me I am Aakriti/aaku. 16yrs old.B-day on June 30.Now lets begin…

Almost everyday an old story ends n a new story begins. It may be a girl or a boy almost everyday a heart breaks n two hearts joins. Almost everyday a love story begins n a love story ends. The end of a luv story may be a happy one or a sad one, it doesn’t matter. The thing that really matters is how truly n deeply they luved each other. Almost everyone has a luv story even I do have a luv story, my luv story. It all began five years back. “Luv is the best thing that ever happened to me.”I had been hearing this phrase through every twist n turns of my life n I had been waiting for this finest thing to happen with me since I first heard it. Finally I fell in love. I met him during my college days. It was drizzling n I was enjoying that moment. Drops of rains were sliding down my face.

I was totally wet but still I didn’t care I was dancing n jumping in the rain then suddenly I slipped n within no moment I was in air. I closed my eyes in fear. But to my goodwill I didn’t fall down. I felt a strong n warm arm around my waist. I slowly opened my eyes n found a pair of eyes staring at me. For a moment I was totally lost in his eyes then after sometime the rain drops broke our eye lock. I glanced him from top to bottom. He was tall, handsome n benign guy. “Hey. Are u alright?” he said. I just nodded my head. “Hi I am Shaurya Khanna.” He said. “Hi I am Mahek Sharma.” I replied n we shook our hands. This is how we met. As the time passed we became good friend. I must say we became more than friends, a supporting arm in each other’s sorrows, a handkerchief in each other’s cry, a smile in each other’s happiness, a person to be counted in each other’s life.

As the monotonous time passed on, I slowly started losing myself over him. We used to meet in the cafe every evening n used to have a lot of fun. We used to chat for hours in fb. I was spending the best moments of my life with him. I loved staying with him. But I never expressed my feelings of luv before him. Confessing my luv infront of him would be much more difficult than confessing suicide. I was afraid about him not accepting my proposal n more afraid that I would lose his precious friendship.

It was 14 Feb, valentine day. Finally my heart abetted me to confess before him. I was petrified through the beginning of the day. I didn’t know any steps of luv but I luved him n I thought that was the single thing that ever mattered in relationship. I planned to write a valentine card for him. I wrote all my feelings in the card. Finally I had prepared my first valentine card for my luv Shaurya. My eye was the busiest than ever, my heart was pondering his name through every bit, my eyes were thirsty for his looks n my overstated mind was in dilemma.

I took my valentine card out of my bag when he was nowhere to be seen, opened his bag which was pre-saturated with many more valentine cards. At that very instant I was very much jealous n wanted to tear those entire valentine card but I controlled myself n sliced my valentine card swiftly in between the other cards n ran wide quickly so that he wouldn’t catch me. After few moments I walked into the class. He was busy talking with his friend Mohit. He didn’t notice me. I walked towards my desk n sat down. He slowly ambled towards his seat. My heart beats were increasing. I was praying for a ‘Yes’. He then noticed me n gave me a smile. Then he unzipped his bag; I was still busy with my prayers. Whether I call it my good fortune or bad fortune, when he unfastened his bag, he tore apart all those letters without seeing them. Then he turned towards me, gave me a bemused smile n said, “Who has got time for all this?”

That’s what I loved about him, he was to the globe other wise who does that? Although unknowingly he had tore apart my card, I felt a sign of relief that our friendship will still be moving on the same way .On the very evening I went to the cafe as usual but when I reached there I found the cafe fully decorated like a beautiful bride. I opened the door to enter the cafe. When I opened the door rose petals fell over me. I just smiled. The cafe was very beautifully decorated. “Mahek.” I heard a voice. Perhaps it was shaurya’s voice . Yes’ it was indeed Shaurya’s voice. He headed towards me. As he came nearer n nearer my heart beat increased. N there he was standing infront of me. He slowly kneeled down n caught my hand slowly n looked into my eyes n said, “U are the air that I breathe, the life that’s in me, the angel who stole my heart, the beats of my heart. I love u Mahek. I love u more than anything else. I love u.” I was very shocked as well as very happy with his confession.

I immediately made him stand n hugged him. “I love u too Shaurya.” I said. We broke our hug after a while then OMG, it was the best moment of my life. He kissed me. My hand reached up for his neck n he pulled me up by my waist onto my tiptoes. I must say it was the first but the best kiss of my life. After few moments I pulled away from him then he slowly whispered in my ears, “Will u marry me Mahek?” I was blushing at that very moment. I just nodded my head n once again he captured my lips. After one year we got married n we are living our happiest form of life. That’s my luv story. “Mahek not ur luv story our luv story,” Shaurya said n smiled a bit.

The End
Hope u all liked it. Sorry if it bored u. I know I am a shitty writer but pls do drop ur cmts below?

Lots of luv,


  1. Sri

    Vvery lovely aaku. I love da way shaurie expressed his luv to mehak. Good writing skills. Short n sweet. Love it!!!!

  2. Latha


    |Registered Member

    Wow aaku superb yaar👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏. I loved it very much especially the way he confessed his love and that mehak’s hug wow awesome😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍 . I liked u writing style very much and it was short and sweet . Happy ending. Keep writing dear👍👍👍

  3. Sweta

    Omg my aaku di u made me totaly speechless gosh what os didu i loved each n every part of it n dnt u ever dare to tell dat u r not a good writer u r jst awesome n i m waiting for d nxt os keep it up didu lov u.

    • Twinj



      Hey sweta,
      Thanks for the cmt.It means a lot for me. Glad to know that u liked my os.N sry now I won’t dare to say that I am not a good writer. Do register soon, love you.

  4. Nandana

    Finally someone has stepped in to write fan fictions on mehak . I thought only ishqbaaz has fan fictions

  5. Ummu Fatyma

    Nice. But very straight forward. Its not specie. The twists, enemies, scandals, fights, suspense is what make s a series more exciting.

    • Twinj



      Hey ummu,
      Thanks for the cmt.N tq for the suggestion. Next time I will surely write an os eith fights teists enemies n so on.

  6. Maanu

    Wowwwwwww aaku….that was lovely…..😍😍😍😍😍😍lots and lots love for u dr….u give me the feel of my love story…thanks dr…today is the best day for me….
    Keep writing dr….u have a superb talent😘😘😘💐💐💐💐💐

  7. Moni7


    |Registered Member

    Wow aaku dear❤❤😍😘… goosebumps… seriously …m a kind of person who hate reading😴😴…but it s toooo good i loved it…keep doing great ….

  8. Shilla

    Hey…I m new here…just want to say yr story is amazing…it had created a spark in me… thanks for the amazing story… I will like to hear more from you.. 🙂

  9. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Wonderful story…. N well written…. Love confession …. Hugs …. Just Loved it…. Good attempt dear…. U must b a good story teller….Keep writing … May almighty bless u…

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