A Love Story (Marraige Special) OS by ArpitaKrish~ Finale Part

Hii so I’m going to end your suspense today. Thanks to all of you for comments & love. Abhilasha, Khamoshi, Ana, Niya and So on(Sorry name bhool gyi)?

So direct jumping to the story,

Recap:- Riya locks Sanchi. Kabir & Riya’s mrg.


“This mrg can’t happen” a manly voice came.

Everyone turns & become shocked.

“Kabir……” Riya lifts her veil.

“Riya???” Kabir gaved shocking expression.

“What the hell???” Riya removed Sehara of Groom.

“Vikrant?????” RiBir gave shocking expression.

Everyone were unable to understand anything.

“Someone please tell me…..what the hell is happening here? Its supposed to be Kanchi wedding…..and why you both marraid…..Your marraid is after two months” Sunil said being angry.

Authors note:

Vikrant is Riya’s childhood friend. With whom she is going to marry.

“Where is my Sanchi??” Kabir shouted at Riya.

“Kabir what were you doing there” Kusum said.

“This bastard locked me” Kabir said angryly.

Fb shown:

Juice fell on Kabir coz of Vikrant who was sitting next to him.

“Ohh Sorry……Kabir”
“Its Okay….I’m going to washroom”

Kabir went & behind him Vikrant also went. He locked Kabir.

“Now I will see how you marry Sanchi. Sanchi is mine only” Vikrant smirks.

After washing his hand. Kabir starts to open the door. He starts shouting & banging the door. But due to noise noone listen him.


“Finally a waiter listened me & opened the door” Kabir said angryly.

“What is this?? I wanted to marry Kabir so I locked Sanchi but here I marraid this idiot” said Riya with anger.

“What??????” Everyone gave shocking expression.

“I also did not want to marry a nonsense like you I love Sanchi & I wanted to marry her” said Vikrant unbinding his shawl.

“What is going on here?” A voice came from stairs.

“Sanchi…….” said Pragya caring her.

“You are fine??” Pragya hugged Sanchi.

“Yeah…..did Riya marraid you Kabir Sir?” said Sanchi becoming sad.

“No….How can I marry her? I love you” said Kabir calming her.

“How could you do this Riya?” said Kusum slapping her.

“You…..Vikrant…..I will kill you….”said Kabir grabbing his collor.

“Leave him Kabir” Sunil interrupted.

“You both get lost from here. We dont want to see a jerk like you” said Kusum to Vikrant & Riya.

“Aunty I’m sorry. I know I should not have done this. I was obssesed with Kabir. If Mom will know she will kill me” said Riya pleading Kusum.

“She is child. Forgive her Kusumji.” Jaya said assuring Sanchi.

“Okay but for now You both leave from my sights” Kusum said angryly.

Both Vikrant & Riya left the Mandap.

“What all this happened? After much days I was getting my love & everthing spoiled” said Sanchi weeping.

“Nothing spoiled Sanchi. I’m here na.” said Kabir wiping her tears.

“But Our mrg……”

“Still can happen. Guest are present. Mandap & Pandiji…..Everyone is here”

He holds her hands & took her to the Mandap.

“Panditji…..I dont want delay now” Kabir said smiling towards Sanchi.

Panditji starts reading Mantras. They takes wedding vow. Everyone are happy & showering flowers on them. Kabir fills Sanchi’s hairline & made to wear MangalSutra. Tears came in Sanchi’s eyes. Pragya hugs Jaya.

“I’m sorry for what happened. You all will go home after doing Dinner” Sunil said to the guests.

Kanchi took Jaynil & Kusum’s blessing. Pragya hugs Sanchi.

Kanchi saw each other & reminsicies their moments.

Fb shown:

How Sanchi met him as his students in 12th std. How he become her friend, then crush, then love. How she went abroad for MBBS to be with him for lifetime. How she praposed him after comeback. How Riya & Vikrant locked them.How they become Kanchi one finally.

Fb ends…….

“Finally 6 Years wait ended” whishpers Sanchi.
“I Love You Sanchi”
“I Love You too Kabir Sir”

Everyone are giving pose for family piictures.
Kanchi’s Picture are shown smiling at each other.

The end~

Authors note:

Somepeople does not believe in teenage love but I do. Believe me that love is beautiful coz there is not any condition. Somepeople do believe in Age differences but I dont. Love can’t see age. It has only love. Although Kabir was her teacher but what is wrong if she loved him. Their love was unconditional.

*I felt it from very near but that was only a daydream coz In real life people see age difference & all*

The idea of this Series ‘A Love Story’ came from there only but I made it more sweet adding confession & mrg.

Uff dont think much about me otherwise you all will be mad.

This Series ‘A Love Story’ consist two OS. One is flashback & Conffesion Special & this OS is Marraige Special.

Link ?for 1st OS & 1st Part of (Marraige Special) OS

Authors note Ends_________

Do comment & give your views regarding to this.

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  1. Awesome and fantastic story yaar……….your twist is just amazing yaar………I love it so so much

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thankyou so much Dear Anu dhruvi Kajal for reading & commenting.
      Its okay Rajnandini & ashnita for not commenting on previous……I’m glad you read this one…..
      Niyati, Khamoshi, Dhruti, Priyu, Riya tum sab ko tq ni bolugi…..yeh hmara hq tha ki tum sab pdho. Tum sab ne kya socha main aise kaise Kanchi ko alg kar dungi……Riya weds Vikrant????
      Priyu tu toh mahan hain….
      Love you all so much

      @dhruti @rajnandini @niyati @priyanshipp @khamoshi @ashnita456 @riyarocks Kajal, Anu & Dhruvi

  2. Nyc epi dr

  3. Omg wow yaar superb story….great…loved it a lot….sorry for not commenting previous one…..love u loads….

  4. Fantastic. Dear I do believe in teen age love and memory of innocent love blossom through out life. Love never see age difference, religion, caste, it only flourish day by day.

  5. Priyanshipp

    Bola tha na dulhe ka muh to dikha nhi to wo pakka kabir nhi hoga ?????? btw nice twist kabir ko bhi lock kar diya. … superb dear. Acha h mere darane ka kuch to fayada hua. Now u can go to heaven ???I’m taking my words back from hell to heaven. Just kidding yaar. …. may u live long nd keep writing amazing articles with more interesting twists nd turns. Chal bohot pakaya tera dimaag. Par par par. .khush mat ho insta pe kasar puri karungi. Luv u dear ??

  6. Ashnita456

    OMG arpi (if you dnt mind ) it’s so so so amazing outstanding superb mindblowing awesome lovely khidki tod ravishing fab and many more. Sorry for not commenting on ur previous part.

  7. Khamoshi

    Hey shrishti… amzing article yaar.. bach gayi tum.. agar kanchi ko alag kiya hota to tera wohi haal karte jo hum abhi RS Ka karte hai..dimag kha jaate ??? loved it yaar

  8. Mujhe to part tha ki who kabir nahi Hoga aur agar hot na toh main chodti nahi tujhe??…..lovely episode dear….love it to the coree….lots of love to u.

  9. Dhruti

    superb, mind blowing, jabarjast os tha………………………
    maza aa gaya pad ke…………….
    post new ff/fs/os soon………………..
    love you……………..tc………………………see you……………………..

  10. Riyarocks

    bach gayi tu……bola tha na ki ye kabir nehi hoga…….but yaar, kya faadoo idea tha vikrant aur riya ki mrg…….haha……….dono ek doosre ko deserve karte hain………& kanchi……..finally tune banadi jodi……..luv u Shona……….

  11. Aafiya

    Amazing and superb…

  12. Abhilasha

    Wowwwww …..superbbbb dear…….loved it!!! And I knew that mandap me kabir ni h but vikrant …lol……..but sach me it was sooo much good …..perfect!!! And ya i do believe in teenage even childhood love and love dont see ages ….its just matter of heart!!! So totally agree with u!!! Luv uh!!!

  13. Its so beautiful…… Loved it

  14. Niyaaa

    Hey srishti…. sorry for late commnt … actually maine aaj hi sare ff padhe h kal wale so isliye late ho gyi…. nd chalo tune kNchi ko alag nhi kiya sab teri jaan le lete??? kya twist laya vikrant weds riya both compliment each other??? …. ok bye ab insta pe tera dimag khanugi hun… hehe.. .. Lovvv u dear .. post something new..

    1. Flyingfatty

      Tqsm for reading…..Yar Kanchian hoon so how

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