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Hello guys no description just to the story… But keep tomatoes till end?? token of my birthday


Swara – she is a college student

Sanskar – college student same as swara


Swara is walking really fast for assembly and dashes with a boy

Swara – wtf boy can’t you see and walk

Sanskar – wow miss you control your tongue first and second even I am late

Swara – don’t you dare mess with me

Sanskar – don’t you dare mess with Sanskar maheshwari

They are our SwaSan but for now the moment is on ?

Swara – Mr now let’s make a deal

Sanskar – I know what is it

Swara – ok

They smile wickedly and go inside


Swara Sanskar – we are here now

All turn back and the did turns back

Professor – oh buddies forever here they are.. So Mr maheshwari and Ms Bose any comment

Swara – no sir

Sanskar – we went to old age home.. I know you won’t believe us so here is a video and photos

Professor – ok now come join us

Swara – Sanku plan worked

Sanskar – I know

They both go flashback about the corridor Scene

Swara- so

They laugh loudly

Sanskar – OMG Shona you are so stupid yaar come on I am your BFF

Swara – ok now tell me the plan

Sanskar – I edited some pictures and we will say we went to old age home ok

Swara – ok

They smirk and go


They go to the assembly line and stand there

Abir – guys thanks god you came

Ritik – yes guys what you think Amaya and Riya haan

Riya – yes guys where were you exactly

Amaya – yes tell us we are your friends since school

Swara – cool down guys

Sanskar – ya.. We were late because we slept more time at night…

Amaya – why so

Swara – actually we forgot our science project so we did it

Ritik – ok now listen this Sadu professor is going to inform something important

All listen to the professor at first he was blah blah?? and then he says something really interesting which brings s bright smile on everyone face there is a ?

Professor – so guys after all this the most important thing we are going to a camp and our principal daughter is joining us too?

Students – ok sir

All leave from there and SwaSan gang are talking about camping

Ritik – finally we get holiday from our studies

Girls – yeah we agree

Sanskar – we are gohave my to mall

Girls faces lit up but

Abir – but for trip purpose not dresses all around

Girl (sarcastically) – ok fine

Boys laugh out loud and after sometimes girls laugh too and SwaSan hug each other and all friends join them too in hug…



All friends reach there and girls get excited but boys pull them to different sides and they all finish shopping soon SwaSan reach home

Swara – so bad Sanku you didn’t but anything for me

She kept a pout ?

Sanskar – oh so has this ever happened that Sanku doesn’t purchase for his Shona

Swara – you brought something

Sanskar – yes but I will give it after camp ok

Swara – ok

Swara maan gayi hehe??

They go to each other house and and sleep peacefully waiting fir the trip that can’t be forgetten ever



Abir – guys listen see princi Ki beti

All turn and all boys are less borthered and the girls motive her dressings style

She is none other than Kavita

Ritik- guys I thought it could be a diva but she is a joker on floor

Abir – I agree.. See no boy is flat on her

Sanskar – she is a total chipkali..

Swara – yeah that’s why she is staring at us

AmaRi – yeah see she is coming towards us

Swara gets scared and hugs Sanskar tightly she gets a feeling of losing him…

Kavita – hi guys can I join you guys as I feel everyone is boring here

Abir- yeah sure (murmurs) chipkali Kahi Ki

All giggle but Kavita is staring at Sanskar and fumes seeing Swara

Kavita – excuse me Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar – yes

Kavita – can you introduce yourself

Sanskar – I am Sanskar and she is my gf+BFF Swara (gf just means she is a girl and friend)

Kavita – ok so friends ??

Sanskar – friends (to Swara) it’s better jumping from cliff

Swara giggles

Kavita – what should I call you

Swara – Sanku come it’s time

Sanskar – ok Shona.. Kavita call me Sanskar

Swasan and friends leave

Kavita – I hate this so much she calls him Sanku and I.. I still remember when I saw Sanskar I insisted daddy for this college

Kavita was in mall and when she saw Sanskar she felt like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT and decided to get him she found all information and registered for camp
Flashback Ends

Kavita – Swara ka kuch karna hoga

Soon all board busses and SwaSan ritik abir Riya Amaya and Kavita get a same bus all are irked of Kavita and after that Kavita says Riya bursts out

Kavita – Sanskar sit with me na.. Kyu tum iss swara se itna chipak rahe ho.. Kabhie kabhi ladkiya izzat loot sakti hain

Riya – shut up Kavita one more words about Swara and you are out

All friends including Sanskar – yes just shut up Swara isn’t like that

Kavita stays mum seeing all their anger soon the bus starts??

Swara and Sanskar talk for a while when Swara feels sleepy and cuddles in Sanskar shoulder and he smiles at her soon he falls asleep and their palms are together and head joined together soon Sanskar gets up seeing his Shona and kisses her forehead Kavita sees this and fumes

Soon the bus moves ( I am not going to make them reach so soon ?????)

Bus starts to moves and it gets punched and Sanskar goes in woods

Sanskar – guys I am going inside till then stay in here

Swara – no I’m coming

Sanskar – no Shona

Swara – please

Sanskar – ok come on

They both move inside holding hands and all friends wait soon like after 3 hours ritik gets a call from sandbar saying they will stay over night and the bus is OK now.. All leave and Kavita thinks

Kavita – what SWASAN alone for a whole night not fair ?

All of them move from there leaving Kavita really furious⚡️


Sanskar- swara hold me tight

Swara – why

Sanskar – because there are many jungly janwar (animals) here

Swara – I…I a-a-m nottttt scare

Sanskar- scared I know but still

Swara – I’m not scared follow me (mind) God pls help me I don’t want to go down in front of him please

Sanskar and swara are walking and Sanskar gets a naughty idea and hides behind trees to prank on Swara

Swara – Sanskar I think we should start in morning

Swara doesn’t get responses and turns

Swara – Sanskar….Sanskar where are you please come back

She sits crying?? and Sanskar can’t see her like that and goes towards her and she instantly hugs him and he hugs her back

Swara – Sanku tum kaha chale gaye haan

Sanskar – I wanted to tease you but you cried I will never leave you

Swara – plzz don’t do like this.. Never leave I will never leave you promise

Sanskar – promise we will never leave each other ITS AN ETERNAL FRIENDSHIP

Swasan move under a tree and hug each other and sleep as Swara never left Sanskar and Sanskar will never leave Swara.. How long they could stay like this

They slept in each other embrace waiting for the next day???????



Swasan reached the camp to their friends and they all talk when Mr pakau professor ? comes and tells a challenge

Professor- guys listen we are making a challenge you have to pass this area and get to sunset point who gets first there gets extra credit

Students – ok

Professor- find partners ok and yes Riya you have to come with me as you are a wise president of class

Riya – ok (mind) thank god

Riya professor leave and Kavita eyes Sanskar and goes to him

Kavita – babe come on we’ll partner up

Swara – yeah sure Sanskar you go I will partner up with Abir

Sanskar unwillingly- ok

All reach he point except AbSwa Sanskar really gets worried for Swara by the time they both come and Sanskar moves towards Swara and hugs her and she hugs him back

Swara – what happen

Sanskar – where were you

Abir – actually Swara left the map some where and we lost way so we were searching way out

Swara – ok now come on

All of them stand and enjoy the sunset and and go back to the camp


Camp Night

Sanskar tent –

Sanskar – Swara Swara Swara why am I thinking about her do I no no I can’t love her no but

He remembers Riya saying if you fall in love then close your eyes and think about the person and you will find out

He closes his eyes and gets flashes of Swara


He sleeps thinking about all this



Swara also gets same flashes and then thinks about Sanskar and plans of saying I love you


Swasan walk to each other when Kavita comes and hugs Sanskar

(They are alone)

Kavita – baby I love you

Swasan are super shocked and Swara goes out crying to Riya and Amaya even boys

Sanskar jerks Kavita and goes saying to Kavita


Kavita after Sanskar leaving says


Sanskar comes to friends and Kavita

Swara – congrats Sanskar

Sanskar – for what

Swara – Kavita

Sanskar – I hate her because I love you yes I love you please listen to me I love you

Swara – I love you too

They both hug each other as tight as possible and everyone clap


Swara – Sanskar can we have a date

Sanskar – oh rite today night

Swara – ok

At night

Swara is wearing blue shoulder less knee light dress her hair is open she had a heart shape pendant in which SwaSan pic is there and she is looking like a doll

Sanskar is wearing a white shirt sbd blue denims he is looking really awesome

They both a mesmerized seeing each other they hug each other and move outside

Sanskar – Swara come on we reached

Swara – really

Sanskar – yes

He removes her blindfold and she is happy seeing the terrace decorated and they are like in middle of the terrace

Swara – I love you

Sanskar – I know that

Swasan come and eat and dance for sometimes

Suddenly Sanskar loses his control and comes towards Swara and kisses her lips it’s a tight and passionate kiss which can’t be forgetten they kiss hard Sanskar sucks her lips and she kisses him and bites his lips

Then he carries her they have an EYELOCK and he moves towards the bedroom and places Swara in the bed
He climbs over her and kisses her neck and Swara clutched the bed sheet and he digs himself in it she mourns suddenly Sanskar realises and gets up to go but Swara stops him and says “I WILL BE YOURS SOON SO GO AHEAD” this was it for Sanskar

He climbs over and kisses her neck leaving love bites and Swara mourns then she turns around and Sanskar removes her back hook and kisses her silky back and then he slides her dress down and now she is naked he kisses each and every part of her and then Swara removes Sanskar shirt and kisses his back keening marks over there after a while they are seen under one blanket covered up and their clothes are all over the ground
The whole night they made love the moons and stars witnesses the Union of love birds❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Next day

Swasan marriage is fixed as their college is ending



Sanskar is on the mandap waiting for Swara and she doesn’t come then all of them get a letter it says




Sanskar drops the letter and shouts – Swaraaaaaaaaaaa

Swara is dead and they perform her last rituals



Reporter – Sanskar sir your story was really heart breaking I wish Swara soul RIP.. Thank you for your interview

Sanskar – thank you

Sanskar moves into his house where a big pic of SwaSan is there

Sanskar – why you left me you promised me that we will stay forever but you left me


Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)

Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun sazaa humne hai paayi, Ranjhana ve
Phir se mujhe jeena, tujhpe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, Saajnaa ve
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai..

He remembers her care, her smile,her confession their consumation etc

He breaks down and all friends Abir,Amaya,Riya and ritik console him

????❣???The end


Do you guys want a happy ending??? How was this now all college to consumation was a flashback of Sanskar to the reporter?? Swara body is not found yet and yes Sanskar gift is not revealed yet?

So guys how was this?

Comment for sure☺️ please don’t give rotten tomatoes and chap pals I know this isn’t good????

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