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I know I am hell late ? but please spare me ? my studies doesn’t allow me time to write or read ? I am really sorry for not posting nor commenting ? It’s nearly after a month I had opened TU ? I am really sorry ?

I planned to post Valentine’s special Episodes of LOVE CAN OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE & TERE SANG YAARA but could not post due to studies ? but don’t worry I will post them now ?

Enough of my Bakbak ?

Let’s Start with a Smile ?

There are 4 main character’s in this story , Two couples respectively , our heavenly couple Twinj are the leads whilst other couple is central character’s ?

TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA : (26 Year’s Old) Married to Kunj , she was rude and heartless , her ego and revenge ruined Kunj’s and their daughter Kaira’s life ? Her revenge separated her and Kunj ? She regrets what she did in past but can her regret sooth Kunj’s pain ?

ABEER SARNA ( played by pearl v puri ) : (30 Year’s Old) Kunj’s elder brother , he loves him unconditionally but regrets the time he wasn’t able to stand beside his brother ? Married to MEHER and has a cute little daughter Ruhi.

MEHER ABEER SARNA (played by Asmita Sood) : (28 Year’s Old) She is Twinkle’s elder sister and abeer’s wife , she doesn’t talks to twinkle anymore after what she did 5 year’s back to kunj..

RUHI ABEER MAHESHWARI (played by Ruhanika Dhawan) : ( 5 Year’s Old) Cute and Lovely girl , pataka of the house , always chirping and smiling ? Alway’s tries to cheer up everyone and specially Kaira ? She loves her little sister alot ?

KAIRA KUNJ SARNA : (4 Year’s Old) She is a sweet and pretty girl , completely opposite to Ruhi , she is quite and peaceful ? she is exact carbon copy of Kunj and each of her habbit resembles Kunj, she rarely talks to anyone but never talks to twinkle ( Reason will be revealed later )

KUNJ SARNA : (28 Year’s Old) He is a cute , hot & handsome boy whom every girl wants as her husband ! He is person with sweetest nature you will meet , His past or sufferings never effects his selfless nature ? His life revolve around Maan ?

MAAN KUNJ SARNA : (2 Year’s Old) okay ? No description for her ? She is mystery ? Everything about her will be revealed as the story unfolds ? but surely she is the sweetest little creature you would meet ? She is the only reason for kunj to live even after facing betrayal and suffering alot in past ?

Okay here is a short character sketch for everyone ?

Any sort if confusion ?

I know there is hell lot of confusion related to Maan and specially behaviour of Kaira toward’s Twinkle ? it will all unfold as the story proceeds ahead ?

SHOT : 1


Beautiful city of manali is shown covered with white snow enhancing it’s simplicity , calmness , peacefulness and beauty ♥️

A beautiful cottage with wooden infrastructure and beautiful garden covered in snow is shown with a beautiful view of frozen lake from it’s window ?

(Let’s move inside the house ? Agar story padhni hai toh ?)

The decor of the house was simple yet elegant , describing the simplicity and peaceful nature of the owner , their wasn’t any lavishness shown or extravagance , but still it was elegant and simple ?

( If anyone still wants to see pictures of house to get proper idea of house can tell )

A young man in his late 20’s was seen preparing the breakfast hurriedly , while making the breakfast he looked at his watch and stopping the work hurried toward’s a room knowing he was already late and on Top of that he had the biggest task that to wake up his princess ?

( I know many of you might have guessed who might be the person ? )

He entered a room not so big but still beautiful and elegant , room was painted in baby pink and white colour , it had whole lot collection of stuff toys and teddy’s of different colour’s around the room.

The main wall of the room had wallpaper of Disney princess ? I had a white sofa at corner with a bunch of colourful cushions on it , a long adjacent wall was a wardrobe and a small dressing table..

In middle of the room was a bed , a small figure was sleeping cover herself from head to toe ?

The person came near the bed and sat on the bed beside the small figure and slightly giggled seeing the sight ?

P : Maan ! Baby wake up (pulling the bed sheet from her face and kissing her forehead ?)

(So yes the small sleeping future is Maan and obviously the person is Our Kunj ?)

Maan woke up cutely rubbing her eye’s and climbed on his lap and rested her head against his chest closing her eye’s again making kunj smile..

M : Gold Molning Papa..

K : (dropping kiss on her head) Good Morning Princess..

Maan nodded her head still sleepy and cuddled herself more into his chest making Kunj smile at her cute antics ?

K : Princess wake up !

M : Hmm…

K : Wake up…

M : (sleepy) Nooo ! Sone do na papa…

K : (teasing tone) Hmm ? so I guess someone isn’t willing to go on outing ?

M : (immediately raising her head and cutely bitting her tongue) Oops ? Maan Folgot (slapping her forehead cutely by her tiny little hand’s) Uffo Maan tlum sab kuch blool jati ho ?‍♀️ and who saild we alent going ? Chalo.. chalo we will gelt ready…

Kunj giggled at her cute antics making Maan frown cutely ? she said cutely frowning ☹

M : Huh ? Dild I tay alythling long ?

Kunj nodding his head in no and correcting her word’s to which Maan made a cute pout ?

K : (giggling) Baby it’s Did I said anything wrong and not what you said ?

M : Huh ? it’s so difflicult ? Papa ! We ale getting late ! Chalo utho ! You know my small sa Tummy is asking food (dramatically) wolt you give me ☹

Kunj laughed out loud at her cute antics and started tickling her , Maan broke into fits of laughter ?

M : Bas ! Bas ! Papa Abhi apko late nahi ho raha ?

K : Dramebaaz…

M : I know ? Chalo na ! (jumping of his lap and pulling his hand) I am hungry…

Kunj picked Maan in his arm’s and walked toward’s bathroom to get her freshen up , she made a grumpy face not wanting to brush her teeth to which kunj shook his head smiling ?

After alot of drama kunj was finally able to make Maan brush her teeth and freshen up , they Walked out of the room into the lounge..

Kunj and Maan walked upto 4 seater table opposite to kitchen and sat on table , Maan jumped in happiness seeing her favourite milkshake and pan cakes ?

Kunj was feeding Maan himself and was concentrating less on his eating when Maan stopped him confusing him but her next gesture made him smile wide ?

M : stopppp Papa…..

K : What happened Maan ?

Maan took a small piece of pan cake and forwarded Kunj to eat and said dramatically ?

M : Uffo ?‍♀️ Kunj Sarna tumhe apna khayal bhi nahi rakhna ata ( shooking her head cutely ?) ab mein Kya kalun tumhala ?‍♀️ dekho sab mujhe hi dekhna padta hai ?

K : ? drama queen ?

M : Hehe ??

They quickly finished there breakfast and then kunj made maan ready in a cute pink frock and then tied her hair’s while maan was blabbering and chirping all the time…

After that they left for a whole day outing ? as it was Sunday sanskaar spent whole day with his princess , playing with her and smiling at her cute antics , it was true that this little soul had taken away all his pain..

When she is around him , he was away from his pain , past sufferings and betrayals had shattered his soul badly but still it didn’t succeed in changing his selfless and loving nature ?

It would surprise one when knew about his suffering and past betrayal’s but still seeing him smile and living life happily was something completely surprising ?

After spending whole day outing and enjoying kunj and Maan were back home , it was evening , kunj changed Maan into a different dress..

They were half sitting and lying on bed such that kunj was sitting resting his back to head board of bed while Maan was lying on his chest chirping about how much she enjoyed today ?

When suddenly she said something which brought tear’s in both Maan and Kunj’s eye’s ?

M : Papa…

K : Hmmm princess (while tieing her hair)

M : (turning and facing Kunj) you won’t leave me back to that bad aunty na ( teary eyed )

K : (Teary eyed himself) No princess ! Never…

M : plomise..

K : promise princess ? you are going go stay with me forever ?

This brought a wide smile on Maan’s face ? She jumped and hugged kunj tightly mumbling cutely..

M : Maan loves papa (kissing his cheek)

K : Papa loves Maan more (kissing her Forehead)

Maan cuddled herself in kunj’s embrace and slept peacefully after being tired from running and playing whole day ?

Whilst kunj was drifted into flashback which brought tear’s in his eye’s making him hug maan more protectively…


Here I End shot 1 ? Hope you all liked it ?

I know there are many questions regarding Maan and specially where is twinkle and everyone else which will be answered in next Episode while for Maan related questions you have to wait a bit ?

Do share your reviews wether positive or negative ?

Do you liked today’s shot ?

How did you found Kunj and Maan’s Bond ?

Do you liked Maan’s character ?


I am really sorry for not posting for so Long ?

Every writer is doing great Job ? I haven’t yet read many stories but hats off to all for writing such great stories ?

Ananya : It was a beautiful journey reading such amazing story on Twinj ? You depicted every thing so well , every emotion was beautifully portrayed ? Hats Off to you for writing a such an amazing story ? I will really miss this beautiful story ♥️♥️ Ending was so Cute ?? simran was such a cutie pie ?? I hope you will be back soon with yet another story ?

Sameera KTHH is just amazing ♥️ I so loved the wedding track ? well SEPERATION track was as amazing as always ?? Twinj are so Cute ♥️♥️ well about TRM I am yet to read last 4 – 5 episodes ??? so woh kaise the tujhe baad mein bataun gi ? And haan I will kill you agar koi Rone wala episode hua toh samjhi ??

Kiya dear you are doing a really great Job ?but seriously I feel to bad for Twinj and Aayat ? Even after being her parent’s they can’t Love her the way they want ? Well sometimes Mama’s Rude behaviour really pisses me off ? And this Sheetal and Niki ?? I am so gonna kill them ? I just hope they don’t bring huge troubles for Twinj and Aayat in future cause already Twinj ate bearing alot of pain in Aayat’s Matter ?

Ramu ji ? Welcome back that to with two new stories ? Well both are interesting and I am so excited to read them ?? Well in Reporter and Buisness man I really felt bad for kunj and specially behaviour Ushar behaviour towards him is so rude ?

Well there are many stories that I have to read and I am not getting time due to studies ? I will read them soon ?

Well I can’t promise my regularity as my 12 th board’s are dancing on my head’s and I really can’t ignore them ?

About writing there are three OS on the way which you will get soon ?

One is a treat asked by Aamu cause i secured 89% in my 11 th board’s ?

Secondly Damu urf Baby asked me to write a story that she wanted to read on Twinj rather than me narrating it cause this is a really special story for me ?

And thirdly a treat from my side cause Sidhant liked my Instagram Post and nothing could be more happier than this ?? I am so happy ? well I was so pissed of that day due to some people that nearly I decided to leave TU , Instagram , Wattpad and Watsapp but and the end of the day his like made up my day and here you are getting an OS as a treat ?

Chalo now I will take leave ?

See you soon ?
Bye Everyone !

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  1. Kaira is kunj’s daughter? Doesn’t he love her?

    1. Aamna_2690

      That’s the actual mystery to be revealed ?
      Wait for few shots so that this mystery can be unvield ❤

  2. Hey kunj (sidhant Gupta) liked u r post oh my God oh my God omg omg???????

    What u have posted that he liked

    Please post it here also or give me link I’m not having insta fb accounts as my xams are going

    Please provide the link dear

    Nd epi was good ?☺️??✌️?

    Please do reply❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
    Please please please❗❗❗❕❗❕❗❕❗❕❗❕

    1. Aamna_2690

      Oh yes bunny liked my post on Instagram ? surely I will share the link in next shot or my other story ? Thank you ❤

  3. Hi ammna u might not know me but I know u really well I have e read read it all ff as a silent reader and today I saw it name on the story and opened it and red too it was speechless story man u killed it and ya ma’am is the cutest person I so really imaging maan and it was really nice and plsss no sad ending story twinj should be united and I think maan is twinj daughter andd the bad aunty was twinkle not sure e but plsss post soon and I too have my 10th borad and I might be busy but I would comment if u post and all the best for ur exam u will Rock it

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ♥️
      I am glad you broke your silence and commented ? and I will soon post my other FF’s too ? well about Maan and twinkle for now let’s wait for the story to unvield ?

  4. Really interesting……..is twinkle a negative character……….maan is cute………where is kaira.

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤ Well about twinkle’s negative character you will be answered soon ?

  5. Vibhu

    Hii .. This is an amazing story , I loved kunj and Maan’s bond .. Super beautiful striy this is!!!
    I am loving it .. Plz do continue your other stories soon .. Can’t wait to read them
    And .. All the best for your 12th exams

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤
      I am glad you liked Maan and Kunj’s bond ?
      Other stories are on the Way ?

  6. Presha

    Loved it

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  7. Awesome…superb…loved every scene of it
    Kunj and maan bonding is really amazing
    Maan is such a sweetheart i really love her nature…so many questions are running in my mind about kaira and twinkle…where are they…why kaira is not with kunj…is she live with twinj..and is maan twinj daugther…ooh my Allah soo my questions…
    Post the next part soon…plz don’t be late this time..and also post ur other stories i m missing and waiting for them from so long plz post them soon….
    Congratulation as sidhant like ur insta post…

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you dear ❤ your queries will be answered as the story unvield ? But surely you will get to know about KAIRA and Twinkle in next shot ? Is maan twinj daughter or in’t will be somewhat cleared in next Episode ? will post other stories soon ?

  8. Fenil

    Lovely one.
    Mein toh intezaar hi karta reh gaya ki kab Aamna aayegi kab Dillagi khane ko milegi opss read karne ko.
    Good luck for boards …study well don’t take tension sleep on time take healthy food on time and now summer started nimbu sharbat leke jana exam hall me pani toh serve hota hi hai.

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Bhaiyu ❤ i will post Dillagi soon enough ? and apke saare notes are In my head ? don’t worry I will take care if myself and surely Dillagi is on the Way ?

  9. wow finally u r back !
    awesome start
    But lots of questions r there in my mind
    so post soon
    Luv u

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  10. SSK

    Really missed you… Glad to see you back dear.
    The theme is really interesting and the shot written was superb.
    Plz post soon and also plz your other ffs too??

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you dear ❤ I am glad you liked this shot ? I will be posting other FF’s soon ?

  11. Kiya1234

    Superb episode yaar nice concept two. Twinkle hmmm don’t know what had been done in past which make twinj separate from each other and kiara too. Maan? his and Kunj bonding awwww. And thanks for this ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.
    Bye. Post soon and your other ones too

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤
      Well Maan is a baby girl here ? And about past it’s really something big to be unvield ??

  12. Ramya

    Apologies here.
    I’m so sorry for being this late.
    Yaar busy thi kuch zyada hi
    I’m sorry.
    But it’s awesome. Looking forward to read it.
    Maan is such a cutie pie
    Already loving her. And kunj, don’t know why but feeling really bad for him
    Why di I feel like maan is preferring twinkle as bad aunty
    Only you must know.
    Just so lovely and interesting.
    And thank you sooo much for your sweet gesture . For reading my ff.
    I’m overwhelmed.
    Love you

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