love story of my love an os by bhanu

Love story of my love ——-Pehle Mohabbat

`~~~~~~ bhanu

Swara pov,
you may be thinking right for whom I am waiting for
it is for my love my lovely kiddo hubby Dr.Sanskar Varma
I wonder how the days passed away in just seconds
I really can’t believe that my life turned in such a way in just 8yrs

Ooty, India
8 yrs back I am pursuing my 10th std it’s a boarding school
I have been seeing a boy staring at me with a lovely smile
he is my Sanskar
we are in the same school from last 3yrs
it’s my bday nd I am busy in chit chatting with my friends
he came towards me and placed a chocolate on my desk nd ran away in seconds
I relly couldn’t stop myself from laughing at his childish act
daily he used to drop a chocolate on my desk with a rose I used to smile at him as a reply
days passed away finally our schooling is completed
yes we had completed our +2
with silence in btw us
he is the first boy I trusted mostly
I used to feel secured in his presence he is a unique one nd shy type
he used to stare me lovely
I always saw love only in his eyes the care he gives me is beyond the words even he never spoke out
our eyes used to express a lot
all my friends used to tease me and our class boys are jealous of him as I used accept chocolate only from him bcoz he is something special than all
nd’s our last day of my school
I all my friends left with their parents I just wished that my dad should be late
bcoz I wanna see him once for last time
yeah, it’s last time only bcoz I never expected that we will meet again

I am sitting on a bench in my school garden with my cousin sister ‘Janu ” don’t mine she is kiddo
nd hates the word of love nd hates all boys some far only I know she will change her point of view soon

“di y bade papa is late this time, I really hate waiting “she yelled frustrated tone

“Arey first time dad did something good, ” I said in cold tone

“wat the hell, are you gone mad di ” she yelled

‘Arey kiddo Shuu I am waiting for someone before dad let him come first ” I said while rotating my eyes in search of him

“who that chocolate boy ah ” she questioned in distrust

“yes, Jaan my chocolate boy only, ” I said while grabbing a chocolate from my bag

“di plz, boys are so bad nd egoistic plz stay away from all, “she said while reading a book

“offo, Jaan stop thinking all have this chocolate ” I gave her chocolate to divert her mind bcoz I don’t want to hear anything against him
finally, after 20 mins waiting he came

I turned my eyes to another side to avoid eye contact

he came towards me I clutched my dress in nervousness or maybe I am blushing

He back folded his hand nd stood in front of me
I got up nd moved towards him

“sw…s” he stammered in nervousness

“swaraaa, ” I said while fixing my eyes on ground

“Swara ‘he whispered I really don’t know that my name sounds that much good

“he gave me a rose with a Cadbury silk I took the rose nd chocolate
nd I gave my slambook to him

” I want your friendship lifelong” he signed it nd gave me back

“even I want the same ” I whispered while blushing

our conversation left incomplete bcoz of my dad entry
my dad don’t like me to talk with boys so I left the place with my sister towards my dad car even his dad came with my dad
I forgot to say our dads are clz frnds but now sanskar dad is g.m in our company so ego starts there

two months later…..
medical college
it’s first of my college I am nervous as it’s new place
but I know no one can trouble me as my dad is one of the trustees of that college

while I entered from the clz gate I dashed a person

“oh sorry I did not see you,” I said while grabbing his books which are messed out bcoz of me on ground

“swara,” he said in surprise

I lifted my head in order to know the owner of such lovely voice
“sanskarr ” yes it’s sanskar, my chocolate boy
so again we meet each other it’s called destiny
I am on cloud9

hii, sanskar you are in this clz “I asked him

“yes I got admission in this college only, “he said while holding his hand

“aren’t you happy to see me here, “I asked him

“actually, I can’t say anything now

lets go to our class “he said nd left
I silently followed him
the first day is so boring nd irritating I hate that silence

2nd day
troublesome day for him
bcoz some of our seniors raged him
he came to m
“you looking beautiful can you come out on a date ” I heard this words from a familiar voice again

I really wanna give tight slap for that person

I raised my hand to slap but I stopped in a fraction of seconds by seeing sanskar stood in front of me by shitting his eyes in fear
I know sanskar never do such cheap things with any girl

“are you ok, ” I asked with consent

‘Swara plz don’t get angry on me plz I know you felt bad but plz don’t take me wrong ‘he said in tears

“ok sanskar, I know you are gud but y u asked me that ‘i asked
“woh seniors, said me to ask, ” he said

“y can’t you oppose them even you are equal like them
wt is ur position if there is some other girl in my place
can’t you handle this sanskar

who is that idoit gave you to task “I asked in angry

“woh blue shirt idiot, “he said like an innocent kid

I couldn’t control my laugh by seeing that innocent expression
‘i will handle this on one condition ‘

“wt is that say I will do anything “he yelled

“can we be friends, “I asked him

“yes friends forever ok, now say wt shall I do, “he asked in fear

“you just keep watching,” I said nd left towards seniors nd gave a tight slap to the senior

the whole clz had been frozen in seconds

“you blo*dy junior how dare you to slap m “he yelled in angry
“sorry brother, I gave reward for finding your brother-in -law, ” I said with a smile

the whole college laughed at him and my innocent sanskar stood like a statue

“I won’t leave you “senior sir yelled in angry

“brother how can you leave your sister ah, ok now get up I will take you to our daddy, “I said with smirk

“daddy ur daddy ah swara, “sanskar asked me

“no, our daddy means dean (principal ) ” by hearing principal name all the seniors got scared

“brothers we all belong to the same college, we should be like family right but, y u guys wanna hurt others, ” I said with a cold tone but stupids are stupids right

“stop giving lecture nd say sorry ” he yelled in angry
you want sorry right plz be here I will say you sorry in a grand way after 5 mins plz don’t go ” I said nd left to principal room

our principal is super strict like my dad only
nd both are friends i.e my dad nd our clz Dean so my complaint worked fast they got suspended for a week
I got them letter nd handed them

“wt is this love letter ah, ” they asked with mischieve smile

” leave letter bhai, say me now will you change or will you leave clz,” he asked

“sorry, ” they said while lowing there head

“say for my friend, ” I said while showing sanskar
they all apologized him nd left

“thankyou swara, your great, ” he said with a smile

my dad is great so I got power but sanskar all the time we can get others support we need to stand up for ourselves
we need to fight for our ethics ”

we had been friend nd he is being confident in all the ways
2yrs passed we had been best frnds, we had formed a batch with some ther friends also but our friendship is beyond all
one fine day he is so strange with me I asked him

“wt happened ”

“I want to say a truth will you promise me that you won’t hate him after knowing that, “he asked while clutching his shirt

“ha say me, ” I said

“woh I love you swara truly nd completely, but I don’t have expectations that you should love me back nd all
I just wanna say wt is my true feeling is “he said this in one go
“I know this sanskar, ” I said while sticking my eyes on floor
“you know means ‘ he asked with a blank face

“I know you love me from our school days but y u expressed now, ” I asked

“now we had been friends ur trusting me fully nd I wanna be truthful with you, I can’t hide anything from you so I confessed, do you love me swara ?’ he quested while looking straight into my eyes
I could see his frankness he is really truthful I can she his love towards me

“I like you sanskar & about love we will think after completion of our studies, I think we should focus on studies <if you still have the same feeling after 3yrs then you ask my opinion still then forget this topic, " I said while moving away

as I said he obeyed everything

on those 3yrs he never took advantage of my closeness
"in fact, he cared me more than my dad he comforted me in all the ways

he took away my loneliness completely with his love
actually, I had fallen for him 8yrs back only but relationships may kill the further

his family have a lot of dreams on him, so I postponed it
it's really hard to hide feelings without expressing
but I love him truly nd fully I am very sure that my family won't accept it but, I couldn't stop myself from falling in love with him
but actually he loves me more than all

we completed our m.b.b.s he had been our university topper
I am just an 85% student but I am happy for sanskar
he is more hardworking nd his dream is to be a successful doctor but my dream is to be the wife of that doctor

we had decided to do our specialization nd our further education in abroad

soo he had got financial support from banks nd some support from our university so we both are flying away to London
my dad said me that "your getting best matches y can't you get marry nd read further "

but I somehow convinced all nd reached London
bcoz I wanna inform my dad on right time, the right time is when we both be successful in life

so I did not confess to sanskar also that "I love him "

one day, while I am reading in library one of our classmate, tried to flirt with him
she herself said me that she want him as her bf (boyfriend)
I really wanna give a tight slap but I controlled my angry
she asked sanskar that "will you be my bf "
I stood with curiosity to know wt he would rly but to my shock, he said that "I have a girlfriend but she won't confess me bcoz she is happy with friendship only, it's ok we will b bf nd gf until she confess "he said while staring me with a naughty smile
"oh hello wat the hell is this " I yelled in angry
"oh my frnd u be quite she is my new gf, " he said with a smirk my angry reached peeks now
"don't you dare to turn towards other can't you see wt my feelings are for you " I yelled while holding his collar
'wt feelings you have "
" I won't say ok get lost " I left him
"ok rithi let us go on a date come, "he said while grabbing his books
I can't hold this anymore I spoke out while shiting my eyes
"I love you too sanskar "
" wt say me again " he yelled out loud
" I love you, my innocent boyfriend, I can't live without you " I yelled by cupping his face
" I love you so much, u took 5yrs to say this 3 words my love " he hugged me in happiness he snuggled close to me
the library has been converted into a theater with my confession even my professors all the students are happy wth this
I confessed publicity in front of 200 ppl it's been a talk of our university

finally, we had confessed so officially we are in a relationship but we never took a step further even we had full freedom
it's bcoz he is gud, he love me he want to marry me traditionally
I love that a lot
I said this to janu first before all
I am very sure my family won't accept love I just wanna know wt is her pov about this relation but she said me
" di it's not right thing I know Sanskar is gud but he won't suit this plz think again "she warned me
"I can say only one thing jaan, I love him as equal to my life nd I can't leave him, if really such time comes I will leave my life "
I know my sister loves me nd she is the only one in my family to understand me me
my dad don't have time to care me as he is a business man
I lost my mom in an accident when I am 7yrs old
my maasi nd baba loves me a lot
but I can't leave both either my love or my family
finally, the day came we visited India for my vacation then my dad informed me about my marriage with an NRI
on the spot, I expressed him about my love
he invited sanskar for lunch I expected that he may get convinced by seeing sanskar but he tried to convince sanskar
my sanskar said " I think you did a mistake by loving me" he left
I left back to London he changed his number I tried to contact his friends but still, he is unavailable
my family arranged a match for me I really don't want that
"I don't wanna marry anyone in my life nd frankly speaking I will die if you plan something so " nd I left to London back
swara pov ends
she just waited to meet him for utmost 2months
finally, she found him
she ran towards him in tears she hugged him hard with mixed emotions
she gave a tight slap to him he killed me for last 3 months how can he able to leave me soo
swara; " you said you love me '
'you said u can't live without me "
"you said you wanna marry me "
nd now you only said forget me " (she yelled in tears while hugging him )
Sanskar: ( crying )" I can't give the things wt your dad gave you since childhood, "( he said while controlling his emotions)

swara; hugged him tightly ) "I don't want anything, I just want you, I just want to sleep in ur embrace, I just wanna spend my life with you, " (she said while sobbing )

sanskar: (while cuppng her face) "I can't give you a luxurious life like ur dad I am earning only 20 thousand dollars per month, you need to lead a normal life '

swara : " so wat sanskar I don't want more we both are working right
a 2bedroom flat, one small car, a small family,40k per month ( our both income), ur shoulder to cry, tension free life
weekly one movie, we can be together with out endless talks
its enough for me sanskar I can be happy with this" she said while sobbing
sanskar :"really wt about our families " he questioned
Swara; " can you live without me sanskar, "
sanskar: " as time passes you can be swara, " he said while turning his face
Swara: ( she yelled with tears while pulling him close) " look into my eyes nd say me that you can live without me,
say me that you can give my place to another girl in ur life
say me that you can marry nd you will move on "

Sanskar;(he had fallen on his knees) " nooo I can't swara but we can't break our family too '
Swara; she got on her knees while cupping his face
" we can convince them with out love, I can prove them that we are correct
we wanna prove them that love is beyond money
"we wanna prove them that happiness can't be purchased "
we wanna prove them that we really love each other it's not an attraction or infatuation '
it is possible only if you join me "
will you marry me sanskar " she said while clearing his eyes

Sanskar;"are you sure swara," he asked

Swara: " ha sure marry me now this minute, you can marry me, " she said while holding his hand

Sanskar:" ok we will inform our families about our decision, " he asked

swara: if your with me we can win anything sanskar plz don't leave me (she said while sobbing )
sanskar hugged her "I love you swara how can I leave my life "

after informing their families they are not convinced still but sanskar parents are ok as sanskar is responsible nd his love is true
so they got married nd got settled themselves in London

sanskar pov,
my swara she is my life
she is first one who trusted me irrespective of anything nd everyone

my crush then my best friend then my love nd now she is my wife dr. swara sanskar Maheshwari
she left everything nd everyone just for my love
nd she is my princess
I just wanna give her every happiness in this world
I know she is missing her family mainly her sister
we completed one month of our married life
nd today is her bday too
I wanna make something special for her
so I decorated my terrace nd madespecial arrangements


Suddenly light gone off swara stared in surprise how this happened we had a generator ND inverter too

Suddenly lights got on ND swara found a note sticked to freeze " come to terrace my princess "

Swara blushed by reading note itself she rushed to terrace to know wt it mean

As soon as she opened the door she could see there

Its fully decorated with flowers ND floor had been spread out by rose petals ND there is step cake in middle of terrace

Swara is damn struck to see her hubby her prince charming with a smile who stood in front of her by folding his hands up to his chest

Swara runned towards him in excitement

Omg sanskar ur really awesome y my hubby is so romantic today

Sanskar: today is my wife bday
The time you entered my life its so beautiful ur crazy talks our lazy ngtouts
Really you had turned my life
ND I never loved anyone more then you
I love you swara I love you I can make you feel my love in every second of our life

Swara is on cloud nine she is speechless she made him stand ND hugged him " I love you too sanskar really ur my first nd last love
I am really really lucky to have such an understanding husband like you

sanskar : ok now plz cut the cake i am hungry

She took the knife ND took a pic of cake ND feed sanskar ND sanskar to did the same ND

Sanskar could see the chocolate cream on her corner of lips got up just cleared it with his thumb

They had cute eyes look

Sanskar stared at her for accept swara leaned towards him by closing her eyes as positive sign

Sanskar claimed her lips in nick of time he kissed her passionate by expressing his love swara too reciprocating it with equal passion

His hands are traveling on her waist ND swara had drove her hands by brushing his hair

They broke the kiss when they felt lack of breath

Swasan stared each other while breathing heavily

Sanskar gave a naughty smirk towards swara ND swara hugged him in shy she did not utter a word

they broke the hug after some time.Sanskar kissed her forehead.Swara closed her eyes feeling his kiss.Then he kissed her eyes and then her cheeks.

sanskar while nuzzling his nose with his " I love you so much swara

" I love yo my innocent hubby "

they lived happily rest of there life

hi everyone one more os I gave it's a real story so low romance
" happy bday preet " my lovely di
I really love you duffer doctor but you love my jiju right so here is a joint gift for ur marriage nd bday.
I hope I done it well forgive this kiddo for mistakes bcoz I done in 1hr soo
love you so much di

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