love story of kaira (episode 5)

hello guys i am back and tomm i will start swiss trip and enjoy epi

the epi starts with naira karthik and vivaan talking to each other and they talk about gayu every one think that vivan should be get maried to gayu
and they call preast for fixing date the date was fixed on 09-10-2016
every one think how can that be then karthik and naira says it can be done no problem they tell there plan
every one gets busy in there work and kaira to then karthik goes to mm to bring needed things naira goes along him as she should pack her things they reach mm
karthik does his work and sees naira and goes near her she says i have douth which to wear karthik says wear this she says perfect
karthik:naira i have a meeting in swiss after this marraige
naira : is it karthik then enjoy na
karthik : i will get boared there
naira :u said u have meeting na
karthik : but i shuld stay there for 10 days
naira : is it
karthik: then u also come na
naira : karthik no
karthik: plese yaar its place of romance love
naaira : k but u should spend time with meee
karthik: of course
they reach sm naira tells about swiss trip to every one

precape :every one tease kaira gayu marriage is done

guyss plese comen and its not a force if u like give coment and thanks

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  1. Renee

    nice one ..

  2. Nice one
    But i think its short
    Bu good make it long plz and post the next very soon

  3. I think u should stop this ff, because…
    1) You don’t know how to spell some words, causing people think something else.
    2) Your writing doesn’t make sense.
    3) Your episodes are very short.
    4) You have very bad English.
    If you can improve these mistakes, then u should continue, but now you have these mistakes so take time to correct these mistakes…

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