love story of kaira (episode 4)

hello guys i am back with new epi and guys i am writing karthik as k and as n hope u understand
karthik reaches sm
k:i am comming naira
karthik goesto nairas room
karthik:naira my jaan he shouts
naira gets up and sees karthik and says karthik u
karthik:s i am here are nt u happy
naira : s but u came here if any one will see
karthik: no one will see us
he kisses her and they start there romanse
guyu sees naira slept or not

and sees kaira
gayu thinks i should go now
its morning every one come for aarthi and karthik goes to mm
naira says gayu di where is my devar
gayu says i dnt no but i know jiju is here yesterday
naira says s and runs away
every one laugh
akshara plans to invite karthiks family for lunch
karthik reaches with family
gayu goes near kaira ans says to karthik
gayu:jiju enjoyed yesterday
karthik :what enjyment gayu
gayu :ur kisses and
nairia :stop it gayu di
vivan comes
naira : devar ji come some one is waiting for u
gayu goes away they laugh
every one are taking about gayu vivans marraige

precap : gayu gets married to vivaan and kaira goes to swss trip

guys enjoyed this epi pleseeeeeeeeeeee comment as i want atleast 10 comments to cntinue and i am gona start swiis trip and i will ask some questions and who will ans are welcomed to swiis trip
my 1 quetio is will karthik propose naira in real serial

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  1. ???????????

  2. I didn’t even get it, too many spelling mistakes, I didn’t even understand it. Please make it more better.

  3. Sarayumane

    please read it again when you finish writing so that you will know the mistakes, the plot is good but the way of writing is not good and please don’t blackmail that if you get 10 comments, you will continue, if you want to continue then do it and if you don’t want then please don’t

    1. Srivalli

      its not black mail ok thanks fo ur comm

      1. Sarayumane

        Oh really, the way you have written, it is like blackmailing, so please…

    2. Srivalli

      plse stp it its enough the way i told is good in my way your seeing it negitively and dont mind my words and sorry to say but it is not real seril its ff chill na

      1. Sarayumane

        I am sorry, please. Forgive me, actually I was bit angry on something when I am replying to yiu, let’s just stop this, sorry

    3. Srivalli

      its ok i understand
      no problem and i am also sorry

  4. It is so small make it big otherwise won’t get much comment and make it better

    1. Srivalli

      thanks i will

  5. I am totally confused…too many errors…if you want yes, then correct your spelling then post articals…People who don’t understand hindi, how they gonna understand your english with so many errors ha… And marriage is spelt like this not marraige… Need good english. So no from me…

    1. I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted you to correct those mistakes. Please don’t mind.

  6. Sethidisha002

    osam but i get little bit confuse in previous update so i write that cmnt

  7. Srivalli

    So guys I am seeing some negative messages but only 2 its k I will continue

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