love story of kaira (episode 2)


karthik comes to sm and sees there natik and akshara kartik : hi sir hi madam akshara : call us aunt and uncle karthik : k aunty akshra : come karthik thinks in mind they are so nice karthik: aunty can i have some water akshara sends naira to bring water naira brings water and then sees karthik and karthik sees naira u [both shout ] naira : what are u doing here frog

karthik : what are u doing here both fight then akshara stops them then she tells she s my daugther and he is our client then naira tells this frog is client then kartik tells is this dramebaaz is aunties daugther again they start fighting and stops after some time karthik meets naksh and they become friends and gayu sees kartik and star liking kartik has a sister called rose she lives in america karthik sisiter rose and yash love each other every one cmes to known about it no one was agreeing for marraige then karthik naira do plans for rose and yashs marraige then every one comes t know that rose is karthiks sis then thry all come in confusion akshra tries agree every one but all think about it kartik fells more for naira nairia was telling him an idea then naira comes to him and says i love u then karthik tells i love u 2 then he hugs her then naira asks where are u [it is dream} naira tells frog come out from u r world beacause u should help rose and set her mairrrage

precap: gayu decide to telll i love u and karthik decide to tell i love u to naira}

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  1. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Sry to say this but it’s little clumsy…. No gaps or full stop between sentences

  2. Sethidisha002

    nice but i get little bit bore

  3. Suhana66

    To make this article look nice and accurate, you have to start another line when doing the dialouges, because the way you set this up looks very messy like,
    (Kartik: Hi sir, hi madam
    Akshara: Call us aunt and uncle, Kartik)
    And see this looks much better and please use capital letters for proper noun( names) and in the start of a sentence.

    1. Srivalli

      thank u soo much

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