love story of kaira (episode 1)


a lady comes in long frock she looks very priety she comes and wakes up a handsome boy the boy cathes her and goes to kiss her and falls down . [boy is none other than karthik and dream girl is naira] kartik :is it my dream oh i am excited to meet my dream girl , scene shifts to singhaniya mension a girl is sleeping lazily and her mom wakes up her get up naira its to late u shuld go to dance accedamy the tudents will be waiting for u naira :wait mumma i will wake up scne shifts to kartiks house anikha:bhai plese leave me near my dance accedamy karthik:sorry i should go to office i am hpping a contract with singhniyaas anika :plese bhai ,karthik:k,come i will meet ur dance teacher also ;scene shifts to
sing mension naira

mumma i am going akshara:ok bye scene in dance accedamy:naira karthik anika and students reach there anikh ahi naira di naira :hi anikha :bhai she is my dance teacher kathik comes ther naira and karthik gets angry by seeing each othr faces u they shout but karthik thinks in his mind today agai i met my dreame girl nair:frog what are u doing here move out karthik :what u will do i will be here only anikha thiks somethng is ther between them karthik and naira fight and anikha stop them and says bhai u go katik:no i will not and kathik gets a cal from office and then he goes and he meets akshara naithik there he says i am very happy t have contract with u akshara says we arelucky to have contract like u persone then naihik and akshara invite karthik for lunch karthik acepts

precap :naira ban katik meet each other

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  1. Kartik Choudhary

    so many errors in the story

    1. sorry it is my first artical

  2. awww so cute..waiting for 2ndepi.

  3. Sethidisha002

    osam muah

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