Love Story (Kaira & Archi) Chapter 1…

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your comments. Actually we both were thinking that other characters we will reval as the time comes. I think some of u have not read the intro so,

Here is the link: Introduction
So without wasting much time we will start:
One girl is seen with one boy in the collage canteen
B: Hi, how r u? Nice seeing u after so many days .
G: I am fine Aryan(yes guys this is Aryan). Actually I went to meet Naksh bhai. He came for some work yesterday he went back so.

(Guys ( A )means Aryan)
A: How is he now Naira(yes guys she is Naira)? I mean after Tara didi left…
(Guys ( N )means Naira)
N: Now he is fine. He is absolutely fine. Infact now he has moved one. Chal leave that and tell me where is Sanchi. Today morning she left early and told me that she is going to meet you.
Aryan kept quite and didn’t answered anything
N:Aryan, Aryan
She kept her hand on his shoulder . He suddenly answered

A: uhh.. what? ha ha yes she came to meet me.
N: What happened Aryan is everything fine?
A: Yes.. Yes nothing like that. Actually she was upset because kartik was not picking up her calls?
N: What??
A: Yes u know na they both always fight. And don’t worry about sanchi today kartik took her to their old school.
N:ohhh…fine I will text her and kartik to come to collage as after collage we all are going out … Do u remember today is Sanchis bday .
A: Yes I am too much excited.

Precap: Sanchis bday party

Guys actually I will make Kartiks in the next chapter
Pls ignore if any spelling mistake. And I will try to post next chapter tomorrow
Thx for reading Shruti and Shriya.

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  1. shivaya khanna

    nice chapter eagerly waiting for next

  2. Fenil

    Amazing start.

    I’m giving u one little suggestion use full name Like Aryan instead of A. Becoz of this if in auto correct mode some alphabet mixed up na then we have no chance to get confused and interest will increase.

    Now its your choice .
    Superb chppy.
    Can’t wait for next.

  3. Vinni05

    Wow NYC start just loved it
    Waiting for next one

  4. Spellings are ok but there are tons of grammatical mistakes.

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