Our love story ( intro)

hey guys
I am Sriti Kapoor and I m gonna start a new ffand this is purely bases on abhigya and rabul
Hey guys!

I had an idea for my story on Abhigya. The storyline is completely different from the serial though. I will give you the background and probably the first chapter ,you tell me if I should proceed.

Here it’s going to be Abhi and Bulbul instead of Abhi and Aliya ( to all the Aliya fans out there ,sorry! She might /might not form part of the story .but you never know ) and Pragya and Purab instead of Pragya and Bulbul.

Abhi is not the rockstar (I know that’s shocking but we have been reading many stories on those lines and the serial itself portrays him as one so I thought this will be a bit different) and Pragya is not a lecturer (you will get to know what they do in the first update)

Purab loves dance,Bulbul loves music.

They live in different parts of the world with their families.(Abhi’s parents are alive in this story and Pragya’s dad is there too)

So how do you like this broad idea ? I know I haven’t given much of details but let’s see how it goes

Please do read and comment

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  1. Sounds good can’t wait to read it welcome ?❤️

  2. It’s nice…u shd continue writing it….

  3. welcome to the world of imagination girl…. 🙂

  4. i hope this will be the best ff

  5. I think u should continue…I hope it ll be awesome

  6. It seems nice u should continue

  7. Ur intro s nice n I hope tat ur ff vl b awesome plzzzz continue yaar…

  8. nice waiting for the next episode..

  9. First of all congrats 4 ur new ff……..nd it sounds gud…..i like tis different track…….keep going yaarrrrr……..

  10. Very nice…..waiting for your ff

  11. go on sriti

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    U r welcome……… Nice plot……..

  13. all the best sor ur ff sriti go on

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