Love story in Heaven part 5


now i get to know…tat she was the one on valentines day party….
Kunj reminds smthing started laughing like hell….
****Now u guys must be confused tat what is going on for tat we have to go to earth nd past so wat r we w8ing for lets goooo…****
Gilli gilli chooo…????


A big party hall is shown beautifully decorated wid red, white nd black ballons
… all the people were busy in dancing nd some in drinking while a few were standing idle… all of a sudden lights gets off nd their is a entry of a girl( mrs.ria) nd a grp…they were wearing some traditional clothes…smthing like ramayana…
And then they started doing dialogue delivery of ramayan where ria was ravan’s sister…srupnakkha…( sry i dont know the original spellings)… everyone in the hall was like wat the hell is going on????
Then their comes a scene of lakshman cutting the nose of ria…bt mistakenly it gets cutted eally means a cut on her nose….
Ria was jumping nd was running behind tat man seriously holding a sword in her hand……
ria- u mr. I will kill u…u took revenge from me today i will kill u…
man- sry jaan i m sry baby plz leave me hw can i do this intentionally it was jst a mistake sry baby….

nd everyone was laughing holding their stomach seeing this….hehe??
*****flashback ends*******

Twinj- hahahahahahahhahaha…nd ria ws all embarrased….

God- enough is enough ?….now stop now get ready for nxt round…this round is qualified by 3 of u as u all said truth……?
Nd truthfullness is the thing which can never be taught bt is always present in good souls….

Saying this he left the plac

Twinjia left the place nd goes towards the room provided to them….

While going tw was abt to slip nd kunj tries to hold her bt he passes by her….bt
smehow tw mnages herself nd doesnt fall…
Tw leaves the place while kunj again goes back to flashback….


Kunj enters the class nd was shocked to see tw thier in the same class….he was soo happy his heart started racing nd was dancing in excitement bt still he smehow managed himself….nd goes inside…
Tw stands up from her seat nd was moving towards kunj…..kunj wss all lost in her eyes nd was happy as she was coming towards him….. bt suddenly she slips….kunj was abt to hold her bt till thn smeone else holds her from her waist nd made her stand properly…
Man- tw tera dhyan kahan hai…haad hoti hai yaar agr tujhe kuch ho jata toh…
Tw( pulls his cheeks)- aww yuvi dont worry i m f9…tere hote hue mujhe kuch ho sakta hai kya…
(Twiraj r best friends nothing else…)
Bt our fumes in anger nd jealousy seeing this nd moreover uv’s hand on tw’s waist till now…

Kunj- at tat tym also i was nt able to save tw nd now also…i m feeling very low… bt kunj u have to win this test along wid tw so tat u were nt able to live together on earth bt here can live peacefully widout any disturbance….

To be continued….

Sry guys for this bakwass part as i know tat it is nt worth reading….i will try to make nxt part good hopefully…
really sry if u dont like this as i m not in good mood so written smething stupid….??

Really thanks for bearing this….

Love u all ?

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Sry guys i dint kniw wt is happening wid me….
    This is half part i will post this one again..nd also school love 17 as tat was also half..
    Really sry

  2. No it is good… waiting for the next… plzz update soon..

  3. Pehli bat toh yeah bakwaas ni h ye bhut acha epi tha n dusri baat if this Sanju again cmments today then Sanju u r going to see my west part ever

  4. its not bad ridhima actually its awesome

  5. Nice epi ridhima but plzz.. try 2make it longer

  6. Plzzz yrr don’t say it is bakwas part …infact it was too good ..loved it .
    The way u manage present and flashback simultaneously is commendable. U know I could literally imagine the nose cutting part.

  7. Hey ridhi…dont u dare to call it bakwas coz was amazing as always??

  8. Hey ridhi it z nt at all bakwas ok…… it z awesome …….. wtng fr nxt one …..

  9. Nice but longer next time and can you pls give a precap in the next episode

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