Love story in Heaven part 3


Hey guys thanks for ur wonderful response… u all….

Important note: iss ff ka udeshaya kissi ki dharmik bhavnao ko thes pahuchana nhi hai….( wah meri hindi kitni achi ho gyi…hahaha?) kripaya isse apne dil se na lagaye….?

Here we go
Part 3

Scene starts wid twinj coming out of the room all tensed…
Tw- yr kunj hum itni jaldi kaise mar sakte hain…
Kunj- mujhe kya pta mujhe bhagwan ne uthane se pehle pucha nhi tha….varna main keh deta ki ya toh isss utha le ya mujhe kam se kam swarg mein toh jeene de….
Tw-( seriously) no problem tujhe yahan jeena hai toh jee liyo. Main test fail karlongi and u enjoy being here….
Saying this she left…
Kunj( in mind) isse kya hua????
Jo essi behki behki baate kr rhi hai.todhi der pehle toh bhali changi thi…..
Saying this he left behind her bt was nt able to find her….
On the other hand
Tw( in mind) yeh mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai… vaise acha hua ki yeh ho gya varna meri aur kunj ki dosti bhi toot jati as i get to know tat how much i irritate him nd he didnt like it…..i promise i will nt trouble him and will also nt talk to him much…..

( literally siyapa queen pta nhi kya kya sochti hai ?)

Then after sme tym they were asked to go to their rooms for taking rest….
? .
Kunj was lying on his bed and was involved in deep thoughts….
Kunj( in mind)- tw yaar tujhe kya ho gya why was u ignoring me whole day.. i know u r upset as u dont want to die same wid me bt plz be happy as we r together here also….which is nt in everyones destiny…..i can bear anything bt nt ur silence…..i love that bubbly tw….
I dont have guts to tell it directy to u tat i love u from very first moment i saw u…..i still remember….
*****Flash back*****

Kunj ws seen staring at a specific point from last 10 minutes…..
Lets check wat is in tat direction
A beautiful girl was standing near a panipuri stall and was arguing wid the vendor for chilly in pani and all….


Kunj(in mind)- u know wat i saw u first tym at pani puri stall and u was fighting their only i got to know tat u r a big siyapa queen…ur beautiful big eyes, cute expressions nd continously blabbrring mouth…. i fell then and their only 4 u….
Bt my stupid friend interupted me in b/w and in tat moment u left me i thought i lost u forever as mumbai is a big city….bt destiny plays its card….

@ college
Kunj- wow first day of new college jst loved it….

He started walking seeing here and there
And suddenly collides wid someone and tat someone was abt to fall wen he hold that person by waist nd ssaved the person…( filmy scene u know ?)

That someone was a BOY to his utter shock…. oops!!!
Their comes her lady love from behind till now whole college was laughing at their situation….leaving both embarassed….
Tw goes towards them and asked the boy that if he is fine and thanked kunj 4 saving him…..

Kunj was very happy hearing her musical voice bt on the other hand was alsoo jealoused as he ws taking care of that man……

While leaving…
Tw- thank god bhai u r fine i was soo tensed hamesha shatabdi train bnana zaroori hota haH agr aap ko khi lag jati toh….

Kunj felt out of the world hearing worde’bhai’….

Kunj( in mind)- i ws soo happy thinking tat i met u again….. i was thanking god all tym and now also as he had not separated us.
I love u yaar….

Thinking all this he slept….?

@ next day…

Twinj were w8ing for god to conduct the test in a big hall type place….
Then before god a girl enters and joins them… she was totally lost in kunj….she ws jst adoring his personality…..
Seeing this tw feels jealoused bt kunj didnt notice this….
Girl- hey my name is ria Nd i died today nd u ( to kunj)
Kunj ws abt to say smthng bt tw interupts…
Tw- i m tw and he is kunj. And u died today nd we yesterday so we r ur seniors and respect us….
Ria was totally shocked….
Kunj was like lagta hai jo bhagwan ne isss thoda dimag diya tha woh bhi wapas ke liya….
Bt after sme tym ria again tried talking to kunj and tw was feeling bad…
Tw- yaar i hate this kirli( chipkali in punjabi). Kitna chipak rhi hai issse jaise dewar ho….or yeh gadha isse kuch samaj hi nhi aa rha…kuch soch tw….

Tw- ria apne baare mein kuch aur batao apne bhai ko….

Ria- kaun bhai….
Tw points towards kunj….
Ria( understands tw’s intentions) nhi yaar he is nt my bhai. He is my senir na vaise bhi he must be ur bhai or i can say u bth must be twins as came on same day….

Tw was like wat the hell ??? How cud she say tat???

Even kunj was nt liking it nd want to kill ria 4 this statement bt he was majboor as she is already dead….( awkward situation)

Tw was abt to open her mouth to say smthng bt

God- gd mrng my children…lets begin the test….

To be continued….

Precap- test…

Hw was this guys??? Sry for nt including test today as i need to think some tests before and plz give sme suggestions to me…..
Hw was their love story on earth….want me to continue tat??? Choice is urs….

Love u all

And also
IMPORTANT: guys it is nt possible 4e to post both my ff’s regularly… so i will be posting one on a day…jst let me smthng i will give u options choose any of themm

1 school love only after its ending will continue heaven one….
2 heaven one after its ending school love
3 both bt on alternate days….

And also if any one of u read roses and thorns i will continue it most probably by next week….

Sry for inconvinence jst for this month then from next month everything will be sorted out….

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. die hard fan of twinj

    I just luv ur ff yaar…
    just fab….

    1. Thank u soo much yr
      even i love u and ur comment too much

  2. Awesome and I chose option number 3

    1. Thanks dr
      and i will post as u wish

  3. Amazing option 3

    1. Thanks dr

  4. It was amazing ridhima! I loved it. And, about the test as you asked for suggestions you can include those social service types questions like what do you want to give your parents, family, etc. But, I guess your ff is kinda funny so all these won’t be good. And, I am really sorry mere chote se dimaag mein I don’t have any funny ideas. And, I would suggest you to continue both the ffs on alternate days.??

    1. Thank u soo much dr
      i loved ur suggestion will surely add it…..dont take tension i will make it funny if possible…? . I will surely do it on alternate days

  5. it is sooooooo funny . i love it . i choose opt 3

    1. Thank u soo much

  6. Very nyc epii yrr….plzz plzz post d next epii soon na….I m dying 4 ur next epii ??????????

    1. Thank u soo much dr
      Plz dont die then who will read my ff’s nxt part??

  7. Nyc epi ….. sooo funny …. loved it ……. i choose option 3

    1. Thank u soo much
      will do accordingly…

  8. I luved it ..i was laughing like hell..mi eead first time a ff with such a story and funny also.. Option 3 will be bst…and ya der story in past was gud…. Nd ur msg in starting was awesome..continur to write like this

    1. Thank u soo much
      u noticed tat message….lolz
      actually kal epi start hone se pehle description de rhe the toh socha azma liya jaye… ??

  9. Amazing, amazing amazing ridhi?????????????
    I just luv ur ff , it just unique, u know I got many ideas for my ff from urs and if u don’t mind can I use ur concept of heaven ,I am not going to copy ur idea its just have many scenes spinning in my head u know well leave it and continue with ur ff.
    And I would choose option 2 as I don’t read school love , honestly.?????

  10. Love u and ur ff , its makes me smile every time????

    1. Thank u soo much cutie
      and ya u can use this concept i didnt have patent 4 this u know na….haan bt plz do tell me the name of ur ff…i wud love 2 read that….
      i appreciate u for ur truthful answer bt everyone is choosing option3 so really sry for this…

  11. I thnk ridhima 3rd option is d bst bt can’t w8 fr 1 day oh god its k bt i ll w8 ☺☺☺☺☺u r amazing wonderful rtr luv ur ff n yah luv u twinj

  12. Yah ridhima if u want ideas fr test so mayb u can incllude u no lk twinkle is in prblm in 1 of d test n kunj cums n saves her.. so it ll show mayb how mch he cares fr her ☺☺☺

    1. Thank u soo much dr
      will surely try to add ur ideas…
      love u

  13. awesomee…

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