Love story in Heaven part 1


Hey guys ready wid part 1
Lets start our new journey today

Here we go

The scene starts on a highway. The two cars were coming towards eo wid high speed…
They were a few metres away then suddenly a truck b/w them and both the cars looses balance and move to opposite directions and strike wid the trees and then and their only they both died…. ( guys plz try to imagine a scene i know i am nt gud in telling this and u might be confused bt plz try

The people came running towards them and the truck driver elopes fastly…..
A few people called ambulance and the bodies were taken from their…..
after sometym the bodies were given to their parents for last rights and the family of both were crying hard….. :'(

Other place

A huge palace like place was shown. I guess much better then palace. The floor was made of clouds, water was flowing thru the waterfall, few girls are roaming in beautiful dresses and gowns and few were playing instruments. Every thing ws jst like heaven.
But in one corner of a room someone ws sitting and ws shedding tears
Man- i know i have done wrong these kids need to live their life bt wat can i do i am also helpless that world which i made is very cruel fir these pure souls. I willl allow them to stay here and will treat them as my kids….

An angel came from behind and said plz god plz dont cry u know na wen u cry ur one tear splits into thousands and u know it is raining heavily on earth. I know u r hurt bt this is for their benefit only.

Scene shifts to a big gate which is sooo beautiful. Outside that gate two men were standing wid some sort of magical rods in their hands as if they r protecting the land…

Then a car came and stop jst infront of the gate. In the front seat a handsome dashing person ws sitting known as yamraj ( consider vivian dsena ) for the role….
And at back a couple was sitting and sleeping peacefully.
Our yamraj wake them up and said u two go inside….
Tw- no i will nt go anywhere. U kidnapper u kidnapped me i will kill u and started hitting him. He somehow stops her and (to kunj) u look smewhat intelligent plz take her inside wid u. I know i can understand that wat u both r thinking bt trust me i have nt kidnapped u and u will get ur answers inside plz go in and take this siyapa also wid u( pointing towards tw)
Tw jaw dropped whereas kunj started laughing loudly….

After some more stupid discussions tey both get ready to go inside…
They stand near the gate and the gate automatically opens…

Tw- nice india developed too much bt wat if someone else enters instead of us. They shud take care…

Kunj- tw u know nothing yaar. This type of gate has sensors it will open only after proper identification of person. I must say u need to join school again…
Tw – very funny mr. Sarna
They were busy fighting wen
Yamraj – abe andar bhi chale jao.
They botg realises and go inside. They were awestruck to see such a beutiful scene, they were nt able to beleive their eyes, their mouth were wide open…..
A boy came near them and asked them to follow him. He ws getting close to tw and kunj was fuming and tw ws enjoying his state.
After following him they reached a room where god was present……….

to be continued…

Precap- twinj to know the reality of their death.

How ws this guys?? Leave ur precious comments…

And i have decided that i will continue my both ff. But alternatively…. And too not regular as i have my exams approaching near… Sorry ppl.. πŸ™ :'(

But after 20 may i will post both daily…

And also suggest ur fav. Songs…..

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Aww it’s too cute. its really different from others. hats off to ur thinking. really osm

    1. Thank you dr

  2. This is indeed a different type of ff
    Loveedddd itttt to coreeee
    Keep writing
    N asap plz

    1. Thank u sooo much dr
      will try writing fast

  3. Aweeeessooooommeee.. Loved it..
    Different type of ff .. Plz continue and post asap.. Luv u..

    1. Thanks dr
      will continue soon
      love u 2

  4. Nice and cute

    1. Thanks dr

  5. it’s different from others. i loved it. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  6. Awesome tooo different I like ur thinking ability….. ?

    1. Haha… πŸ™‚
      thank u dr

  7. Such an amazing epi dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    1. Thank u soooooooooo much dr

  8. HBD sid-(tamanna)

    it was awesome…and cute ff.

    1. Thanks dr

  9. Hi ridhima. Nice episode.

    1. Hey dr Nd thanks

  10. luvd it it is sumthing vry mch diff. luv u ridhima

    1. Thank u soo much baby
      love u too dr

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