Love story with hatred,fights,romance,care,anger,jealous,pyaar abhigya epi4

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Abhi saw pragya standing alone n pulled her to secluded corner they were looking in each other eyes intently their hazels met deep oceans n seconds passed in a electrifying moment. Their hands met abhi cupped her face n pulled her closer their lips met they broke it gasping for oxygen pragya lips were tingling in the sensation of abhi she had gone red she thought abhi has not changed at all he is same as they were in college .she was about to move when abhi caught her wrist she pushed him n ran awayabhi thought pragya you’re my life,love n everything from the first time we met. You’re still my girl who feel shy n blish every time I come near you.he followed her she was hiding from abhi n someone closed her eyes from the touch she understood it was not our abhi it was rani she dragged pragya she slapped her m said shocked huh how dare you try to snatch my abhi from me abhi came he asked rani why she slapped his pragya rani said she tried to mid but stopped in mid hearing his pragya n stunned she said I owe an explanation will you guys or shall I say it to athai.abhi said actually rani I’m loving pragya from 3yrs she too loves me we are like two souls in a single body if she ismy heart I’m her heartbeat .we loved each so deeply eecame to that pragya was ragini Maa daughter n there was rift BTW Maa n her n we have to clear it so if I introduce her to pragya she will take wrong so we fought whenever some family member was there to witness scene

Priya Maa went to shop to buy vegetables that’s when pragya was coming holding a flower basket in her hand as she was walking abhi came n hitted her knowingly but as natural n they started fighting .like this we acted as we hate each other n then I brought her home so she could be liked by Maa she too likes her but if she knows that she id her sis ragini daughter she won’t accept so only this drama n then we can unite the family rani said okkk i ll help you convincing athai but a promise abhigya asked wat promise she said you have to live happily n tell me your love story also she took pragya with her n said abhi stay away from my sis otherwise that’s it abhi looked helpless n pragya was laughing at hisr reaction.

Precap: first day of college of abhigya n present scenes too.

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