Love story with hatred, fights, romance, care, anger, jealous, pyaar abhigya episode 3

Here’s the nxt part guys
When suitcase was about to fall on pragya abhi pulled her n both fell on the bed lost on each others eyes priya who passed by saw this n smiled thinking having pragya as her bahu was wonderful. She went n knocked the door both came to sense n pragya adjusted her dupatta n hair n about yo open when abhi asked her to hide in the closet n locked her when she was about to say somethong.he kept the suitcase on side n went to open the door priya Maa came in n said pragya beti where r u abhi asked Maa you know her she said yes beta I Gabe her permission to stay abhi said paa she said I’ll manage where is she abhi says in closet n opened it pragya fell unconscious in his arms he panicked n asked Maa pls bring water he sprinkled it on her face n she woke he asked are you okay she said fine abhi and realised she was lying in his lap got up n said Maa you here she said come beti let’s eat yes Maa I’ll come she said abhi you too come n dragged him because he said her he never eats with his family due to his fight BTW his papa n him whenever he begins to eat she made abhi sit beside her n put food on his plate . She served for abhis Maa n rani who was sitting on other side of abhi when abhis papa came he too sat on the table when pragya served him hr asked who r u when priya answered my sis ragini daughter pragya said yes.

Ram asked when you came priya said just today morning he asked her to sit when abhis pa saw her sitting with abhi he gave glare to abhi abhi was about to stand up pragya held his hands n gestured him to sit.rampriya noticed it abhi sat n ate even pragya too while eating they were looking in each others eyes. Ram Signed priya she signed him I know n asked him to eat rani was disturbed by this she thought why everyone was keeping quite. She stped the floor in anger. Abhi n pragya were eating when abhi coughed pragya stood up n payted his back n made him drink water rani left the place rampriya made I didn’t see expression after eating all went n washed their hands abhi held pragyas hand n said thank you pragya said no mention n went. Abhi smiled n went inside his room he thought to surprise pragya by gifting asked Maa wat would girls like she said every girl has craze on bangles n anklets n way ever their loved ones give.priya asked why r u asking it abhi said simply ma just to gift someone abhi asked Maa can I take rani with me to shop she said I ioo wanna buy dress abhi thought why not buy a saree for pragya he said get idea n went he took Rani to saree shop n bought a beautiful white saree he for pragya rani thought he bought it for her after sometime both went home n saw priya Maa sleeping in pragya lap n pragya on pillar abhi came n waked up priya Maa she woke up n saw abhi n asked did you eat abhi nodded yes n priya was about to wake pragya but abhi lifted her n made her lie in his bed n covered her with blanket n went outside to sleep priya smiled rani was irritated but thought shell irritate pragya .pragya woke up n asked priya Maa for a dress as she is not having a dress n said sorry for disturbing. priya Maa said no sorry ill give n asked her to go his room she went n saw a gift it was written to nut crack girl pragya
By abhishek.

Pragya smiled n took it she bathed n wore it when priya came n asked where you got this she said abhishek gave me Maa as gift pragya was not wearing saree properly so priya Maa made her wear it now pragya wawas looking so gorgeous.she gave coffee to all n atlast went to wake up abhi with a cup of coffee n woke him up he saw her n said beautiful like an angel pragya smiled.she said hey ready soon Maa wanna meet you papa too she said

Precap abhi n pragya love revealed a fb.

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