Love story with hatred, fights, romance, care, anger, jealous, pyaar abhigya episode 2

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Abhi went to his home n sat on the chair n thought that girl was cute bit having anger on her nose .he thought she was just irritating when abhi dad came n said you useless guy always playing, chatting with those stupid gang of yours,sitting idle n said see I’m scolding n you’re sitting like this like abhi was giving a radio started again look. Abhis mom said leave him ram always scolding. Ram said priya supporting him ha ask him to be like his bro see now purab is going to be a doctor bit see him for his goodness only na I’m saying n went abhi said Maa I’m going see you later bye.abhi father said not having sense now only I’m scolding him but he went out .abhi went out whistling all his friends came n said that girl you fought was looking beautiful na abhi said nooooooo pls don’t spoil my mood by talking about that nut crack girl. That’s when pragya crossed by that side .abhi saw her n said oh why god again n again I have to see this girl . but my bad luck I saw her.pragya heard it n started youuuuu but stopped as she saw her bhais asst coming in opp side.he said to her pragya bhaiya is going out for two days so asked me to take care of you n also raju is coming she asked how why when oh again he’s coming asst said yes bhai asked him to come pragya thought bhaiya you go I’ll come.abhi n his frnds went prgya went to her home she saw raju at the entrance he came n hugged her. She pushed him n said raju I wanna go shopping you wait here but he said I’ll come with you n dragged her n went there she saw abhi n his auntsfrnds ame there pragya went near them n holded abhis hand n dragged him n went abhi said

hey leave me hand you pragya said Pragya my name is pragya not you .abhi said wat r u dng pragya said do you love anyone abhi said no why r u asking it she asked can you do me a favor pls be quiet sometime abhi said why me n who r u to order me she dragged him into a lift raju followed them n saw the lift going 1 floor so he immediately ran down the stairs n reached .lift opened but pragya was not there then he spotted her near the clothes shop when pragya saw him approaching she immediately hugged abhi abhi was taken aback by her sudden moment but felt somewhat happyn realised he loves her.pragya too was happy when raju came near them he was shocked then pragya broke the hug n ran away.abhi too turned to leave but was warned by raju not to come in front of pragya n went rani abhis aunt daughter who loves abhi saw this n got angry she asked abhi why that girl hugged you who is she abhi said my frnd n thought so enemy to frnd huh rani asked frnd or girl frnd he said both n managed nothing how come you’re here she said I came here to buy dress for athai mama n you before meeting you guys.abhi said OK meet you later bye n went.rani said abhi if you’re not mine then not anyone n went abhi was searching for pragya n found her in a corner hiding from someone he asked who are you hiding from she said raju he asked oh that monkey pragya said ha then realised but left it she phoned her bro n informed him that shell stay on her frnds home.he said OK n said he ll inform raju she nodded happily she asked abhi can I stay at your home abhi said noooo my parents won’t allow it wat they ll think of me n started but pragya cut him off n said pls help me and with pleading eyes abhi nodded OK and said you shouldn’t pragya said cross my limits na I won’t abhi took pragya to his home through back door n went to his room without anyone’s knowledge n locked it n said pragya if anyone comes pls hide I’m going out went pragya was very hungry so she went to kitchen n aye some froits when she was caught by abhis mom she asked who re you she said athai I’m abhis frnd I came Here morning itself Maa I was in that my no abhis room she says then why r u hiding girl she said Maa actually I’m going to stay here as my bro went out I was alone scared so only abhi brought me here can I stay here Maa she said you’re my daughter now n can stay here n hugged her pragya was so happy she n abhis mom were watching when rani came that’s when pragya went into kitchen to take knife when rani hugged priya n said welcome beti how are you she said fine n my parents r also fine I know that’ll be your nxt question priya smiled she said pragya beti come here when pragya came rani was shocked to see her n said youuuuu priya asked whether you know her she said yes Maa she is abhis girlfrnd . priya asked wat she said ladki(girl)+dosth(friend)= girl frnd athai she said okkk n went rani CE near pragya n said stay away from my abhi. Abhi came home n saw pragya roaming in the hall.abhi saw thought n dragged her to his room n locked it he asked have you gone mad why you came out n hitter his cupboard n suitcase was about to fall on her when ..

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