Love story with hatred, fights, romance, care, anger, jealous, pyaar abhigya epi5

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Here’s the nxt part hope you all lie it.
Pragya n rani goes to Kali Maa temple n starts praying after that they came n sat on stairs when rani pestered pragya to tell her her n abhi loves story pragya said our story is not a normal love story it started with a eternal thread tied to our was the first day of our college I met the abhishek on whom the whole girls were crazy n mad I too liked him but put it aside I was going when he asked me to cone near his gang.his friends were whispering something to him n he nodded he asked me my name n I said pragya arora he asked are you a fresher I said yesss his gang asked me to sing a song I said no when abhi too asked I accepted as I couldn’t refuse so I sang jeena jeena while I sang all were mesmerized by my voice n asked me to join in their gang I said I would think n say………….
Here abhi was INA park resting on a swing by closing his eyes he saw his dream angel in front of him his pragya his love she said I love you abhi I love you….

Suddenly screen rolls to pragya wearing a beautiful white anarkali stained with blood she was stabbed she said abhi run away he will kill us pls run but abhi went n picked her up when a person wearing r ring n covered his face stabbed him thrice pragya was falling unconscious …

He shouted pragya .
He woke up jerking his face was full of sweat he thought why is this dream coming always n after ensuring pragya whether she i s sad his heart beat stopped thumping fastly.
Here again pragya said rani when she was walking someone pulled her hand it was one of abhis frnd he said something to her making pragya shock meanwhile priya Maa came n she said that neighbor told her that they were here n asked them why they didn’t inform n she was afraid pragu stood n went near her when she slipped n her head got hurt slightly priya Maa was worried she tied pragya wound by tearing a piece of her saree tears came in her eyes she stood n asked pragya are you OK she replied fine Maa rani took pragya hone n thought to listen her story afterwards.

Precap:abhis frnd demand pragya action n a …..
Slapppppppp abhi was stunned mysterious love letters to pragya.

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  1. Superrr….who is abhi’s frnd?..pls update nxt part soon dear

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      Thanks lucky seeing your comment after a long time keep supporting yr your comment made me happy

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