Love story with hatred, fights, romance, care, anger, jealous, pyaar abhigya epi 7

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Rani pestered pragya to say more she said one day my father came to take me home i had already said about abhi to him so he invited him too .abhi me my father went to our home as soon we knocked the door my mom opened the door as soon as abhi asked her ragini mausi ur alive ragini as she heard the words mausi she was shocked pragya asked a how do u know my mom she could see the change in abhi.pragya pa asked them to come in n talk abhi asked mausi u betrayed my maa na everyday she used to cry seeing ur say why ragini why u betrayed me am i not important to u rago come back i wish i shouldnt see u again.abhi mind flashed his mothers pain he said im lesving n said pragya everything betwwen us is over n moved tears were flowing in pragyas eyes she went to him n held his collars N asked abhi how can u say like this.this is not ur life alone its mine too how can u alone take this decision.Abhi said ms pragya go from here Go away from my life. Just go pragya was startled she felt her life was taken away from my body .pragya papa asked Abhi beta why ur going n speaking like this.abhi said pa because of this lady over there my mom is suffering daily her name is priya raichand as soon as ragini heard the name she muttered didi didi.N ran towards abhi n said beta how is priya didi how is ram mama abhi said my mom is crying n suffering daily n went pragua said abhi stop he said im sorry pragya if i had known ur daughter of ragini raichand i wouldnt have loved u n went here pragya was crying badly.she was shattered her mom n dad consoled her But pragya went inside n shut her rooms door she threw all the things i her room.

A fb abhigya went to a shop abhi brought pragys many things that filled her room N when she asked why he brought these much for me he said that always everything should remind me .she asked what if my papa or maa sees that he said i think noone has the right to come into ur room except me right.pragya playfully poked him.
Pragya sees a locket lying beside her N opened it it had the photo of abhi n pragya she kept it close to her chest N cried why abhi why did u come in my life to leave me

Precap abhi came to know truth n he in mission to convince pragya.

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