Our love story is expectation vs reality ( few shots ) Shot-4

Next day
Soumya wanted to spend some time with krishna so she forced suhani and yuvraj to be with each other for an hour
Suhani didnt wanted to be with yuvraj bcoz she found him irritating but for her lil sis she couldnt say no

Suhani and yuvraj went in a park
Yuvraj – so tell me something about you
Suhani – see i dont believe in love stories like you . I believe in reality . I mean that romantic dates and all that i think that truth and trust is only matters for a bright married life
Yuvraj – yaa you are right but i think being with each other for more than one year is important like if we know each other than we can have a good married life
Suhani smiled
Suhani – you are not wrong you are just different from me

Yuvraj – i know
Suhani – you know what i didnt wanted to come with you bcoz i thought you are very filmy and you will irritate me but know you can be my friend
She forwarded her hand
Suhani – so friends
YuvAni shaked there hands
Yuvraj – friends
They both smiled

After an hour
Suhani – i dont need any friend soumya and krishna are like family i mean soumya is my sis and krishna he is really very cool i know him since my childhood
Yuvraj – yaa i think we also met sometime
Suhani – yaa but we both dont remember and soon yoy went abroad for your further studies and then even i was busy with my studies
Yuvraj – yaa
Suhani – so do you miss germany ??
Yuvraj – yaa sometimes

Suhani – i m surprised that after leaving there for this many years you still came back
Yuvraj – i missed mom, dad and krishna
Suhani – yaa we always miss our family wherever we go
Yuvraj – hmm

Suhani – ohh its now one and half hour i should go now
Yuvraj – ok bye
Suhani leaves but turns for a second
Suhani – yuvraj really you are very sweet i liked you alot
Yuvraj smiled
Yuvraj – thank you

Precap – even i dont know what i m gona write

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  1. Nice episode..good to see them as frnds

  2. Yuvani

    Loved Yuvani’s convo, and the last lines….. beautiful……

  3. Awe avani its veryyyyy nice sis.but u could have made it a bit longer.nice begining.pls go ahead.all d best sis.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and yaa next time i will make it more longer

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    lovely episode….

  5. Good shot…

  6. nice epi… love yuvani convo..

  7. Lovely episode

  8. nice episode love yuvani conversation please update soon

  9. Superb epi..Loved it

  10. Very sweet yuvAni convo.. they are friends now.. good. Update soon.

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