Our love story is expectation vs reality ( few shots ) Shot-3

Next day
Suhani and soumya comes to pick krishna and yuvraj for college
Suhani was driving the car with krishna beside him and soumya and yuvraj on back seats

Whole day college was normal
Suhani helped yuvraj for preparing notes

In noon
Yuvraj drives the car with suhani beside him and krishna and soumya on back seats
Suhani sees a icecream parlour
Suhani – stop the car
Yuvraj stops the car
Suhani – let me have icecream i m hungry
She goes out and buys two icecream
She comes inside car
She starts eating her two icecreams
Yuvraj starts driving car again
Yuvraj – you should offer someone dont you think that ?
Suhani – no i dont think that if you want you could have come out and bought one icecream
Yuvraj – you are right

Precap – 440 volt…

Sorry for short epi but i m busy so…
Next time pakka big epi

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  1. Nice episode..

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  3. Avani its soooo nice sis.short and sweet.confusing precap.post regularly sis.

  4. avani sis episode is nice……waiting for next sunday for u r all ff

  5. Yuvani

    Wow, cool episode

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    interesting episode…

  7. nice epi..

  8. Short but amazing….

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