Our love story is expectation vs reality ( few shots ) Shot-2

Hello guys i m posting a short epi as i m busy but i will try to post and comment as well on other ff but if i dont plz dont feel bad as i m not getting time so i m not commenting

Next day
Suhani and soumya gets ready for going in party
They comes down and meets lata and pankaj
They greets them and then leaves for party

Suhani was wearing a white one peice and soumya was wearing a red one peice
Soumya – aww my hero is looking so handsome
Suhani – soumu i think our mom dad has taken you from a dust bin
Soumya – why are you saying this di
Suhani – because you are so different then me
Soumya – dii… huh i dont wanna talk to you
Suhani – awww my lil sis i m sorry
Suhani hugs soumya and soumya smiles

They enters the party and meets krishna and wishes him happy birthday

Krishna – shrivastav sisters meet my elder brother yuvraj birla
Suhani and soumya meets yuvraj
Yuvraj just kept staring suhani
Suhani doesnt like it and drags krishna and soumya with him
Suhani – he is so filmy yaar
Krishna – yaa bhai wants a beautiful love story you know filmy
Soumya – wow then i will love too talk to him
Krishna – suhani you and me we both are same and now soumya and bhai are same
Suhani – you are right

Suhani was talking with her frnds when he saw yuvraj was staring him
She became irritated and went to him

Yuvraj Expectation
Suhani comes to him but she doesnt see water on the floor and was about to slip but yuvraj held her from her waist and both were lost in each other eyes
End of Expectation

Suhani’s reality
She sees the water on floor and comes from other side and goes to yuvraj
Suhani – ohh hello krishna’s bro plz stop staring me you are so filmy idiot
Yuvraj – dont you believe in a love story ?
Suhani – i believe but not in a filmy one i live in reality
Yuvraj – and i believe in expectation
Suhani – i m suhani shrivastav
Yuvraj – i m yuvraj birla
They shake there hands and smiles

Precap – YuvAni’s expectation vs reality…

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  1. yuvraj expectation of suhani slipping was beautiful.. nice shot..

  2. Superb… or yuvarj expectation woooo…

  3. Woow..Superb..Loved the concept..Seems really interesting..

  4. Fantastic!!!…yuvraj expectation was awesome

  5. nice episode…….. yuvraj expectation really nice

  6. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode…

  7. Lovingirl

    Loved it awesome writing

    1. avani kamdar

      Thank you

  8. Yuvanis meeting is very cute.i like it very much.pls post regularly dear.

    1. avani kamdar

      Thank you

  9. Yuvani

    superb. yuvi’s imagination was cute………..waiting for the next

    1. avani kamdar

      Thank you

  10. NAPSHa J

    niCE one dear.. read both epis at a go.. continue..

    1. avani kamdar

      Thank you

  11. superb episode… read both parts today.. both were superb update soon..

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