Our love story is expectation vs reality ( few shots ) Shot-1

Hello guys i m back with few shots
I m not going to criticize anything its just a love story in my view
Its lil funny but you will like it

Suhani Shrivastav – a bubbly , chiry , carefree girl who doesnt believe in love story ( so basically she is reality )
Yuvraj Birla – a smart , cool and calm boy who believes in a beautiful love story he thinks that he will have a beautiful love story ( so he is basically expectation)

Here is a short epi

Soumya and and suhani are watching tv
Soumya starts a romantic movie
Hero catches his heroine before she falls down
Soumya – awww even my hero will catch me like this
Suhani – nothing happens like this in reality
Soumya – huh
She gets up and goes out from suhani’s room
She was busy in her phone and collides with krishna
She falls down
Soumya – cant you hold me and prevent me from falling
Krishna – oo hello madam its not a movie
Soumya stands up and makes a face
Krishna goes to suhani
Krishna – hey suhani come tommorow at my home with your sister ( soumya ) as its my birthday tommorow and i have arranged a party
Suhani – ok

Precap – YuvAni meets…

Guys plz comment if you like it and i m giving two options for hatred is beginning of love
1) unite YuvAni
2) let yuvraj know the truth and then how he will convince suhani…

Guys if you choose first i will end the ff soon but if you choose secomd i will continue the ff

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  1. Nice episode and I choose option 2 pls pls continue the ff and update when ever u r free don’t end it

  2. Another story from u means it will obviously be awesome!!…plz dont unite yuvani so soon…i go with 2nd option

  3. intro s nice pl continue… n for hatred s the begining, option 2 will b gud

  4. Ff was superb I chose 2 one plz update both asap

  5. nice part plz continue …..i will go for option 2

  6. Superb intro avani..Nd for ur fr..option 2 would be gud..

  7. Superb intro I think 2 option I like please

  8. Nice start pz continue

  9. Nice introduction…….or i choose 2 option

  10. Nice introduction…….or i choose 2 option.plzz continue

  11. Yuvani_saraj

    very nice beginning…i choose option2

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