my love story (episode 9)


Hi guys!!
This is Ammu..
My exams are over.. So I’m very happy..
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The story begins..
Roshni comes out.
Sid hugs her.
Sanam re Sanam re plays… 🙂
Roshni tries to break the hug.
Sid moves back.
Roshni :Sid I love you..
Roshni :Sid I really love you idiot.
Sid :idiot..
Roshni runs and Sid tries to catch her.
Ranveer:children please play outside
Everyone laughs..
Pragya: I will bring some coffee.
Pragya leaves and abhi follows her.
Pragya makes coffee.
Abhi: pragya vo..
Pragya: abhi..
Abhi: tomorrow are you free.
Pragya raises her eyebrows.
Abhi: let’s meet at 8pm ..
Pragya: where??
Abhi: surprise..
Pragya: rockstar …
Abhi hugs her .
Allah wariyan plays..

Ishani: ranveer Bhai is there.
Ranveer: ishu so what..
Muje koi farak nahi padutha ..
Ishu: oh so filmy…??
Ranveer: wait and watch ishu..
Ishu : ranveer…
Ranveer leaves.
Purab: bulbul we have to finish those designs..
Bulbul: sure purab.
Pragya brings coffee.
Sid: y r u talking about work….
Purab: ahaan …?
Sid: I meant to say..
Roshni comes ..

Sid gets lost in her.
Sanam re sanam re plays..
Bulbul: purab ..
Purab: did you call me..
Bulbul : no..
Bulbul to herself: is this called love????
Purab shakes bulbul.
Purab: coffee.
Bulbul: thanks..
Abhi watches pragya.
Sid holds roshni ‘s hand..
Ranveer sees ishani..
Bulbul thinks about purab….
What destiny has in stock???
Precap: Sid’s engagement.
Purab realised his love for bulbul.
Abhi proposes pragya.
Ranveer marriage….?

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Credit to: Ammu

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  1. finally i can enjoy every update of yours 😀 loved it

    1. Thanks somiya.
      I’m happy you loved it…

  2. Nice episode Ammu and how was your exams my dear ??

    1. Thanks neelam for the comments.
      Exams were great

  3. Today’s epi was super!! waiting for nxt epi upload soon.

    1. Thanks sandhya

    1. Thanks monesha

  4. Superrr precap

    1. Thanks varsha

  5. Nice epi n precap… Loved it

    1. Thanks radhika

  6. wow wat a super updates Ammu thnx fr the updates.
    I am new to this updates but i loved it

    1. Thanks madhura

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