my love story (episode 8)

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The story begins.
Abhi drops pragya at home.
Abhi: so..
Pragya: so see you..
Thanks for the lift..
Abhi: again?
Pragya smiles.
Abhi: tomorrow….
Pragya: clg function..
Abhi: ok fuggi.
Pragya: fuggi..
And she opens her mouth in o shape.
Abhi: keep thinking…
abhi leaves..
Pragya smiles.
Allah wariyan plays..
Ranveer: ishani let’s leave.
Ishu: RV two minutes..
Ishu comes and rv drops her.
Ishu: bye ranveer.
Ranveer: arey ishu..
Ishu: what.
Ranveer: I dropped you.
Ishu: so..
Ranveer: a return gift…ishu.. maybe a kiss.

Ishu: rv.
Ranveer holds her hand..
Ishu : close your eyes rv..
Ishu comes near rv and she shouts in his ears ..and moves back.
Ranveer: pagal ..
Ishu: enjoy the kiss rv.
Ranveer: oh miss ishu wait and watch..
Ishu smiles .
Tum hi ho plays…
Bulbul and purab finish their meeting.
Purab drops bulbul..
Bulbul: thanks purab..
Sry sir..
Purab: no issues call me purab bulbul.
Bulbul: take care purab..
Purab: you too sleep tight..
Bulbul smiles.
Unnale plays..
The night ends with our prince thinking about his princesses.

It is a beautiful morning..
Roshni wakes..
She reads the newspaper and is shocked to see her photo in newspaper.
She hurries inside the room and locks it..
Bulbul: what is your problem..
Roshni : cries..
Pragya: roshni.
Pragya reads the newspaper.
Headlines::: romance of Siddharth ?
Pragya: roshni..
Roshni: di..I don’t know about this.
Meanwhile,ranveer knocks the door.
Ranveer: roshni…open the door ..
Pragya opens the door..
Roshni hugs ranveer.
Ranveer: don’t cry my dear..
Bulbul,pragya and ranveer make roshni sleep.
Rv switched off all the phones.
At mehra mansion..
Abhi: Sid..
Sid: seriously I didn’t do this.
Purab: but it is a interview published..
Ishu: Sid.. let’s go and meet roshni..
Ishu,abhi , Sid and purab leave to roshni ‘s house.
Sid knocks the door.
Ranveer opens the door..
He gets shocked to see Sid there.
Rv beats Sid.
Ishu interferes .
Rv: ishu tu..
Ishu:he is my Bhai.
Pragya comes.
Abhi: pragya..
Pragya: abhi..

Everyone gets seated.
Ranveer: I’m sorry Sid.
Sid: rv ..
Ranveer: I’m going to send roshni to USA.
Roshni cries..
Pragya and bulbul: Bhai.
Rv: you both are also going.
Abhi pragya
And bulbul purab share an eye lock.
Roshni cries..
Sid: I have decided guys.. I’m going to get married.
Sid takes his car and leaves..
Everyone is shocked.
After half an hour sid comes..
Abhi: Sid where did you go..
Sid goes to roshni.
Sid grabs her hand and makes her stand..
Sid: roshni I love you ..
Will you marry me.
Roshni is shocked.
Before roshni could say anything.
Sid takes her outside..
Sid: thanks for coming here.
Roshni is shocked to see media there.
Sid: guys ,meet my fiance roshni..

Soon we are going to get married..
Sid brings her inside..
Abhi: Sid what are you doing.
Roshni goes inside her room and locks it.
Pragya ,ishu and bulbul run.
Ranveer: thanks Sid..
But roshni..
Sid goes and stands before the door..
Sid: roshni I love you..
Not because of these news,i wish to marry you..
I really love you..
Open the door.
Roshni please come out..
Hamari adhuri kahani plays..
The story ends..

Hope you guys like it.
Precap: No precap??
Will roshni accept Sid???
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Credit to: Ammu


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.