my love story (episode 6)


Hi guys !!
This is ammu.
Sorry guys please forgive me..
The story begins..
Abhi and pragya turn.
Abhi: pragya.
Pragya: rockstar abhi.
Abhi: princess.
Pragya: prince charming.
Abhi nods.
Pragya runs and hugs him.
Allah wariyan plays..?
The children clap their hands..
It starts raining.
Ishu and ranveer come there.
Pragya and abhi are still hugging each other.
Ishu: bhabhi…
Abhi: ishu..
Realizing his position they break the hug..
Ranveer: pragya..
Abhi: ranveer

Pragya: Bhai
Ishu and ranveer laugh…
Roshni reaches home ..
At the same time bulbul comes.
Roshni: bulbul.
Bulbul: roshni..
I just now came…
Roshni: me too.
And she tells everything..
Bulbul: full romance ah …??
Roshni: bulbul..
They run and finally bulbul stops.
Roshni : where were you??
Bulbul tells everything.
Roshni laughs.
Bulbul smirks..
Roshni smiles..
Bulbul laughs…
Sid : purab yesterday..
Purab: Sid yesterday..
Sid:purab say
Purab tells everything..
Sid : kuch kuch hota hai ??
Purab beats him.
Sid tells everything.
Purab opens his mouth in o shape..
Purab: what a romance??
Sid : purab..
Purab runs and Sid follows him.
The story ends..
Hope you guys like it.

Precap::abhi and pragya have coffee.??

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Credit to: Ammu

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  1. Really awesome take care

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    Take care dear

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    Fantastic job dii!!

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  5. Very nice ammu take care of ur health

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  6. Nice yaar

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  7. Very nice episode dear and tell me what had happened to you why were you admitted to hospital ?

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      Food poisoning yaar

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  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb….. & How is ur Health now ?

    1. Thanks reshma..
      I’m good now…

  9. ammu back…..
    nice dr………

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  10. Wonderful! Chala bagundi! And take care of ur health too!

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