my love story (episode 5)

Hi guys !!
This is ammu..hope you remember this name lol?..
First of all I’m really sorry..
Got admitted in hospital…
So couldn’t upload the ff..
I will be regular from now on.
As a result back to back two episodes.

Rabul girl thanks a lot for mentioning and remembering my ff.
The story begins.
Sid turns and laughs seeing a cockroach..
Sid: roshni..
Roshni: sir…ghost..
Sid: ya …ya..
Roshni turns and laughs seeing the cockroach.
Sid: I’m really afraid roshni.
Roshni smiles.
Sid : roshni.
Roshni: sir..
Sid shows roshni the window.
Roshni: wow sir and is about to hug him.
Realizing her thoughts,she moves back.
Sid lifts roshni.
Roshni goes through the window.
She jumps out.
Roshni comes and leaves her shawl through the window.
Sid catches it and reaches the window.
Sid falls on roshni.
Sajna be plays.
Ishu: I love you ranveer.
Ranveer: me too..?
Abhi calls ishu.
Ishu: Bhai..

Ranveer: I will drop you home.
Ishani kisses on his cheek.
Tum hi ho plays.
At SP design house,
Bulbul and purab keep on chatting.
Purab speaks…
Bulbul listens and she falls asleep.
Purab : I love you..
Purab tucks bulbul s hair.
Bulbul smiles in her sleep.
Purab admires her beauty.
Teri meri kahani plays..
It’s morning..
Abhi:good morning ishu.
Ishu: good morning..
Abhi thinks about pragya.
Abhi: what’s her name .
Abhi thinks you don’t know her name but you love her..
Abhi smiles..
Ishu: Bhai..
Abhi: kuch abhi.

Pragya gets ready for college.
Pragya finishes work and thinks about abhi.
Pragya: what is the name of prince charming.
Pragya smiles.
Suddenly she gets a call that the NGO has caught fire.
Pragya gets shocked and she runs..
Abhi also gets the call.
Abhi runs to the NGO.
They go and reach at the same time.
Abhi and pragya hug the kids.
Guys they didn’t see each other still.

Abhi: princess.
Pragya: prince charming..
They turn…

The story ends..
Hope you guys like it.
Please comment below..?

Credit to: Ammu


  1. Rabul's Girl

    Oh….get well soon ammu and I hope that you’re all right now. Great update….loved it

  2. Reena

    cute episode dear! i liked it a lot.. especially the ending for abhigya and the cute ishveer part!

  3. Dimple

    First of take care of ur health And the episode was very good keep going really missed it alot

  4. radhika

    Take care di I hope you are alright now n fantastic ff dii.. Keep rocking!!
    Pls comment on my ff di MATSH forever..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.