my love story (episode 4)


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The story begins..
Abhi and pragya are thinking about each other.
Abhi :why is time going so slowly today.
Pragya was busy in work but she constantly looked at her watch as she wished to meet her prince charming..
At the same time,
Purab: Sid you are awesome yaar.
Sid: please don’t praise me yaar.
Purab: Sid..
Roshni enters inside the room
Sid: roshni we are going for a meeting..
Take the designs and we are leaving in fifteen minutes.
Roshni: yes sir..
Bulbul: roshni..
Roshni: will call you..
Pick me up yaar..
Bulbul: ha OK.
Roshni and Sid leave..
Ishani goes to LA place.
The waiter gave her a white rose.
She was shocked to see the café decorated completely in white roses.
The lights are switched off.
Suddenly light gets on.
Ranveer stands with a ring in his hand.
Ranveer: ishani.. I really don’t know what you are going to say.
Love at first sight may be funny but I have fallen in love.
Ranveer : I love you ishu..
At the same time flowers fall on ishu.
Ishu is impressed.
Ranveer: ishu do you…
Ishu runs and hugs ranveer…
Tum hi ho plays…
At the NGo,
Pragya reaches the NGO and wears her mask ..
Abhi reaches there ..he has the same mask ..
Pragya : hi..
Abhi: hi..
Pragya: so.
Abhi: let’s dance…
Pragya : sure..
The children sit down..
Pragya and abhi start dancing .
Sun saathiya plays..
They dance ….
They are lost in it…
After the dance…
Abhi: so..
Pragya: I’m
Abhi: my princess
Pragya: s my dear Prince.
Pragya leaves..
Abhi holds her hand..
Pragya turns..
Abhi: tomo evening..
Pragya: I will be here.
Abhi: smiles..
(Guys the mask covers their eyes and nose only)..
Pragya leaves.
Sid and roshni go to attend the meeting.
But they did not reach the correct venue.
Roshni: sir..
Sid: yes..
Roshni: sir vo…
Sid: kya.. And they enter the building..
Suddenly the main door closes..
Roshni tries to open..
But it is locked…
Sid is shocked..
At SP design house..
Everyone leaves..
Still bulbul is working..
Purab goes to her cabin..
Bulbul: sir.
Purab: Arey sit down..
Bulbul: sir..
Purab: ms.workaholic.. Can we talk ..
Bulbul: sure..
Soon the chat goes…
Purab admires her beauty..
Aval theriva .. Plays..
At the same time,
Sid: roshni relax..
Roshni: sir ..
Sid: come here..
Roshni and Sid hold their hands..
Suddenly a sound is heard .. And roshni hugs Sid in fear..
Sajna ve plays..
That’s it.
Precap::abhi and pragya run to the NGO..
What happened in the NGO??.
Wait and watch..
Please do comment below.

Credit to: ammu

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