my love story (episode 2)

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The story begins..
Abhi goes inside the NGO.
The children hug him.
Ishani: Bhai …
Abhi: ishu..
Abhi starts playing with kids.
Ishani: thinks to herself after daadis death now only you are smiling Bhai.
Hope this lasts forever.

Abhi: Arey ishu..
Ishani: haan.
Abhi: let’s play..
Ishani: I have lots of work ..
Roshni and bulbul calls pragya.
Bulbul: di we got the job
Roshni: treat di..
Pragya: ya sure …evening we will go..
Roshni and bulbul in chorus:: love u di
Pragya: love you guys.
I have some important work I will call you guys later.
Roshni : k di.

Pragya calls ranveer.
RV: pragya bolo..
Pragya: roshni and bulbul got their jobs.
RV: I’m really happy for them.
Pragya: Bhai..
RV: I know pragya we will go to the NGO by lunch.
Pragya: k Bhai.
At SP design house,
Purab: bulbul s design are mind blowing.
Sid: roshni s is out of the world.
Purab: their marketing ideas are really great.
Sid: of course .. Beautiful faces will have beautiful minds na.
Purab: Sid…
Sid: I mean vo..
Purab: are you hiding something from me..
Sid: morning na…and then Sid starts telling about how he met roshni.
Purab: dramatic…
Sid: purab..
Purab: Arey stop blushing Sid..
Sid leaves..

Purab will this happen in real life..
Purab smiles..
It’s noon,
Ranveer comes to pick pragya from college.
Pragya: Bhai..sorry
Ranveer: Arey what’s this?? I am late and you are asking sorry.
Pragya: s.. But you will not ask sorry na..
Ranveer turns her ears.
Pragya: sorry Bhai it’s paining.shall we leave.
Ranveer drives to ishani s NGO.
Pragya: Bhai..
Ranveer: I know that you are frequently visiting this NGO.
Pragya has tears in her eyes.
Ranveer: Arey mera bache…
Pragya smiles.

Athe NGO,,
As pragya enters all the kids run to pragya.
Pragya: hi darlings …my sister’s got selected for jobs.
So let’s party.
Abhi is surprised to see pragya’s behavior.
Abhi could hear her voice but could not see her face.
The children gave pragya a mask.
Pragya wore the mask and she turned.
She saw abhi..
( guys abhi is also wearing a mask)
Children: di..this is our Bhai..
Pragya: hello
Abhi: hi
They share an hand shake.
Ranveer goes into the admin cabin.
Ranveer enters.
Ishani: how can I help you..
Ranveer: I would like to donate some money.
Ishani: please sit..
Ishani starts explaining …
But ranveer is lost in her beauty.
Tum hi ho plays.

Ranveer: what is happening to me..
Ishani: sir your name..
Ranveer: I’m ranveer.
Ishani: I’m ishani.
Ranveer donates two lakhs.
Ishani thanks him
Ranveer leaves.
Abhi and pragya are still playing with the kids.
Children: Bhai na..
The song gerua plays.
Abhi gives his hand..
Pragya and abhi starts dancing.
That’s it.
Precap::purab and bulbul romance..

Guys abhi and pragya did not know each other..
Will this love blossom??
Wait and watch..
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Credit to: Ammu


    • ammu

      Vasu naa engineering panituiruken.
      I’m going to complete my first year this June.
      Nee enna panra vasu…

  1. Vasu

    Na engineering muduchita da now i am waiting 4 final sem xamination result Which clg u r?

    • ammu

      Vasu di neenga entha clg and entha department..
      Neenga than senior so neenga than sollanum.

  2. Manitha

    hey yaar so romantic …..All wil say tat love happens only with heart and not with the face so that will happen in ur ff too

  3. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ammu akka nanu tamil tha . supera iruku continue panu … ena eng. course ne padikara ? and where r u in tn ?

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