my love story (episode 12)

Hi guys
This is ammu
This is the last episode
Thanks for your comments
Precap: abhi proposes pragya
The story begins.
Pragya hugs abhi
Abhi kisses on her forehead.
Gerua plays.
Abhi and pragya share a romantic kiss.
Suddenly the phone rings.
Abhi attends the call
His face changes pale
Abhi drops the phone and cries
Pragya takes the phone
Pragya eyes get filled with tears.
Abhi and pragya hug each other.
Abhi and pragya starts the car.
They reach mehra mansion.
He rushed into it and saw ranveer in a pool of blood near the door.
Ishani was by his side.
Pragya and abhi could not see them in such a state.
Pragya entered and saw Sid near the sofa
She tried waking him up but he was stabbed .
Roshni was on the sofa with blood gushing from her head.
Pragya got furious .
pragya saw bulbul.
Bulbul was still conscious.
Pragya: bulbul let’s go to the hospital.
Bulbul: di…
But she died on her lap.
Abhi saw purab s dead body.
Pragya felt sad.
They lost everything in an hour.(guys this is a real incident.
A whole family was killed for taking their money and jewels)
Abhi: pragya ..
Pragya: let’s leave.
Abhi started driving the car
Hamari adhuri kahani plays.
Pragya thinks about ishveer,sid,rabul and roshni
Happy memories makes them cry.
Abhi suddenly realised that the car s brake did not work.
The car met with an accident.
Abhigya died on the spot.
Hamari adhuri kahani plays.
Life is not about love guys.
Life is a journey.
Today is a precious gift.
Never waste it.
Love never dies.
Their love remains forever.
The story ends…
Guys as you said it was boring I ended this ff.
I know some of you are angry at me for ending this ff.
But I have no choice.
Please comment below…
Will soon upload my next ff

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  1. Harisha

    But put Ishveer scenes in it

    1. Ammu

      Sure harisha

  2. Loved it sis keep it up but why did u end it if have time plz write an Ff matsh i love them it is my kind request going to miss your Ff sis keep it

    1. Ammu

      Thanks duvaraksha
      Wait and watch

  3. Ammu….what you did. I really waited for each and every episode and you ended it.why? Anyways but I am really waiting eagerly for your next ff and try to upload it soon.

    1. Ammu

      Sure rabuls girl
      I have already uploaded it.

  4. Ammu

    How is it???

    1. I am shocked! ?? Very unexpected! Didn’t expected this! So sad….That u ended so fast but the lines that u have said is very true! Life is a journey…and yes we shouldn’t waste that! Will be waiting for ur nxt ff dr….

      1. Ammu

        Thanks suga

  5. It was too sad ammu dhii… I’m really hurted…???

    1. Ammu

      Don’t feel radhika.
      Wait and watch

  6. It was really sad but I told this is real incident na feeling sad for them

    1. Ammu

      Ya monesha
      It is for them
      Thanks for the comments

  7. Ammunition each line is very emotional no words to express but it was an unexpected ending

    1. Ammu

      Thanks sonika for the comments

  8. Whtever u said is true di n i am also feeling sad for the family who got killed just for money.

    1. Ammu

      Thanks Sandhya

  9. Sad n emotional ending its really heart touching n awesome di.

    1. Ammu

      Thanks sandhya.
      I’m happy that it was heart touching for u.

  10. Y u do this to me…..
    Who said its boring…U r a amazing writter dr…..I eagerly waiting 4 ur next rock ff….Plz dont care about others…..I am waiting dr….
    Update soon…….

  11. Ammu

    Sure tharu
    Thanks for the comments

  12. Plz restart this ammu we are waiting

    1. Ammu

      Sure minu
      Thanks for the comments

  13. Sharaya

    Sad episode and im waiting for your next ff

    1. Ammu

      Thanks sharaya for the comments

  14. Riyashri

    Never expected that u would end soooooooo soon !! But Loved your last lines!!
    Waiting for your new start

    1. Ammu

      Thanks riyashri

  15. VarshaVenkat

    Ammu… was super duper diff….ending….ending was way lil dramatic…I meant. …not all d story has a good ending……it juz tells us love is more imp than anythg…..tq for writing this ff….pls come soon with another ff…or OS or SS….

    1. Ammu

      Thanks varshavenkat
      For your comments

  16. It was sad Ammu. Waiting for your next ff?

    1. Ammu

      Thanks neelam for the comments

  17. nice but i am very sad .
    and in next ff plz add more ishveer scene plz dearrrrrrr <3 🙂

  18. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    sorry the user name is not priya i was a mistakethe user name is this

  19. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    i am, sad and and waiting for ur next ff plz add more ishveer scene in it .
    plz dearrrr:)

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