my love story (episode 11)

Hi guys this is ammu
The story begins.
After the engagement
Abhi : so..
Pragya :so
Ranveer : we are leaving..
Ishu : rv..
Abhi : ishu
Everyone laughs..
Ishu hides behind sid.
Ranveer starts the car.
Roshni and bulbul gets inside.
Abhi : tomorrow evening..
Pragya nods her head.
Abhi smiles
Gerua plays..
The moon hides………

Next day..
Pragya is sleeping..and she is smiling in sleep..
Roshni : bulbul..
Bulbul : what..
Roshni :see here
Ranveer:what happened??
Ranveer notices pragya..
Bulbul wakes up pragya
Pragya blushes..
Ranveer ,bulbul and roshni laughs.
Pragya :bhai..
Pragya gets a call…
Abhi:morning pragya..
Pragya: morning abhi..
Abhi:get ready..
Pragya smiles..
Abhi ends the call..
Pragya:what the..
Bulbul and roshni reach sp fashion house.
Everyone congratulated roshni.
Bulbul teased roshni..
Suddenly sid came..
Roshni smiled.
Sid came and stood near roshni.
He holds her hand..
Sanam re sanam re plays..
Bulbul goes inside purab’s cabin..
She starts singing janam janam and searches a file.
Purab enters and is shocked to see bulbul singing.
Purab claps..
Purab sings janam janam ..
Bulbul smiles and leaves..
Pragya reaches clg..
She starts her class.

Suddenly someone sings…
Pragya :who is it..
Abhi stands..
Abhi hands over a parcel
Abhi leaves..
Pragya smiles..
Ranveer and ishani go to an ice cream parlour..
Ishu:Belgium chocolate chip.
Ranveer and ishu starts eaing..
Ranveer:ice cream on your cheek.
Ranveer takes the ice cream..
Ishu blushes..
Tum hi ho plays..
Pragya takes permission.
She reaches home.
Pragya opens the package.
It was a beautiful blue saree..
A note was there.
“for my princess..
A small gift..”
Pragya smiles..
Abhi calls
Abhi:get ready.i will be there in half an hour..
Abhi smiles..
Abhi comes and picks up pragya in a royal enfield
Pragya holds him.
Abhi takes her to a restaurant.
He blindfolds pragya.
Abhi removes the cloth.
Pragya opens her eyes.
Abhi goes down on his knees.
Abhi:will you be my better half for the rest of my life???
Precap:no precap…

Hope you guys liked it.
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