my love story (episode 10)

Hi guys this is ammu
The story begins..
Sid:roshni when is our engagement..
Roshni:today evening..
Everyone is shocked..
Abhi:ok guys lets start..
Abhi and ranveer starts to invite the guests
Pragya and ishani orders for food.
Purab ,bulbul ,sid and roshni leave for shopping..
Purab: arey sid shop soon.
Roshni buys a red sareee..
Bulbul:superb roshni..
Bulbul : I will go see sid and come back..
Bulbul leaves..

She bumps into purab..
Sajna ve plays..
Bulbul:im sorry was an accident..
Sid comes there..
Sid sees bulbul lying on purab..
Sid:there are no accidents in this world ,bulbul..
Bulbul and purab stand up..
Roshni comes there..
Roshni:what happened??
Bulbul:nothing ..lets leave di..
Bulbul leaves with roshni..
Sid:jeene lagan plays..
Purab:no sajna ve..
Bulbul turns towards purab..
Purab smiles..

Pragya sees a parcel near her..
Pragya opens it and finds some bangles with a note..
This looks good for you..
Wear if you are my…
Pragya looks at abhi..
Gerua plays..
They share an eyelock..
Ishu and ranveer notices it..
Ishu:what is this??
Ranveer:I said na..
Ishu: lets wait and watch..
Ranveer kisses on her cheek.
Tum hi ho plays..
Ishu runs behind rv..
Its evening everyone gets ready
Abhi sees prgya dreesed up..
Abhi tries to see whether pragya wore those bangles..
Pragya hides her hand..
Roshni comes down..
Sid goes and suddenly lifts her.
Roshni:sid leave me..
Sid:I will not..

Roshni:everyone is looking at us..
Sid:you are my wife yaar.
Roshni gets tears..
Unnale en naalum en jeevan vazluthey plays..
Engagement takes place..
Suddenly rv comes ..
Ranveer :guys there is one more news.
Im getting married.
This is ishu my life..
Ishu comes and holds ranveers hand.
Abhi: rv..
Everyone is shocked..
Abhi gives the ring to ranveer.
Ranveer winks at pragya.
Ranveer and ishu exchange their rings..
Tum hi ho plays..
Our couples start dancing..
Abhi notices the bangles in pragya’s hand..
Abhi:get ready tomorrow..
Pragya blushes..
Purab and bulbul are dancing..
They are dancing romantically.
Purab holds bulbul’s face..
Realizing their position bulbul leaves..
Purab:am I in love????

Precap:abhi proposes to pragya…

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  1. Wohoo 2 episodes in one day???
    Nice episode sis…

    1. Thanks aditi

  2. Very nice ? episode Ammu I really liked it

    1. Thanks neelam I’m happy that you liked it.

    1. Thanks monesha..

  3. Hurrayyy! Abhigyas proposal part

    1. Thanks varsha

  4. amazing episode dear! loved them!

    1. Thanks reena .

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