Our love story ( episode 1)

Here is the first part

It’s a Monday morning and the usual scene unfolds in the Arora mansion.
Mr Sun , who doesn’t want to miss the cute exchange that was going to follow ,between one of his favourite bro-sis combos, decides to peep in through the window.



Pragya moves the curtains aside and lets the sun’s rays fall on her Kumbakaran brother.


Purab stirs in his sleep because of the sun falling on his face and when he hears his full name being called by his Di he knows it isn’t good for him and so decides to reply with a “hmm? kya hai Di? Sone do na please ”


“Diii! Why did you pour water on my face now ? You know I was just about to dance with Madhuri Dixit in my dream. You ruined it Di!”

“Acha Madhuri Dixit eh? If you continue dancing with her inside your head then one Ms. Smriti Dixit will dance on top of your head!”

“Top of my head? What di you drunk? Wait what? Smriti Dixit! Isn’t she my lecturer?”

“Exactly beta and you have an exam today in exactly one and a half hours from now ”

“Exam? Di it’s Sunday! see sun is also there outside”

Pragya rolls her eyes “Purab it’s Monday ! And I am giving you half an hour to get ready and come out for breakfast. I will drop you in college ,that’s on the way to my location for the ad shoot”.

“Oh god and now I should first find out what the portions for the exam are.Who even discovered these exams? Why waste time studying when you can use it for more awesome things like dancing? ”

“You can dance all you want after you finish this degree of yours this year.Now chalo get up”

And finally Purab manages to get up and go get ready murmuring “Exams arghhh!”

And we can witness similar scenes almost every day in this house. Pragya, as you must have guessed by now ,is the older one and is a fashion designer by profession.She also walks the ramp for her friends if needed (According to them, she is beautiful and she can carry herself with confidence on the stage and Pragya doesn’t mind doing it either ) and has also done a couple of ads in the past. Pragya,just like in the show,is down to earth,loves and respects elders and likes helping all. Despite being in the fashion industry,she doesn’t like to show off and is happy wearing Indian and western outfits (rather, whatever she is comfortable in) and she believes in God.

Purab loves dance but decides to get a degree and then pursue his passion as he needs time to mould himself and practice to reach his destination -the London school of dance.He took up commerce in high school so is currently doing B.com and yes he hardly knows what’s going on in college as he spends most of his time learning new forms of dance and gaining expertise over the already known ones . But his friends always back him up and help him finish all assignments etc.

Pragya and Purab’s dad is a well known doctor-cardiologist and mom is a home maker. .

Pragya and Purab love each other a lot and despite all these petty arguments they know they will always be there for each other. Pragya calls him Chote unless she is angry with him (or tries to be angry ). They are best friends more than siblings and for Pragya, Purab comes first before anyone else and vice versa.They live in Mumbai.

In another part of the world,London to be precise, Mr.Moon is all set to witness another conversation between his and his brother Sun’s second favourite bro-sis duo.

“Cutie pie”

“Bhai I am here!”

“Hey Gudiya! Doing what?”

“Trying to compose a new song.Got this nice idea sometime back and wanted to implement it.So writing down the lyrics”.

“Okay first drink this milk and then proceed”.

“Bhai you know I hate milk then why do you do this to me? You don’t love me anymore! ”

“Oh stop the drama cutie. You should get national award for all the acting that you do daily.You are just recovering from that sore throat of yours and you will feel better if you drink something hot”

“Then why not hot chocolate?”

“Chocolate isn’t good when you have a bad throat”

“Ok whatever Bhai !This is the last time though”

“Ya we will see about that”

“What did you say?”

“Oh nothing at all.Sure this is the last time,now drink like a good girl”

And Bulbul drinks the milk that Abhi so lovingly gives her.

Abhishek Prem Mehra owns Mehra fashions (has taken it over from his Dad who retired couple of years back),the world known fashion group and he has won many awards for his excellence and skill in the fashion designing field.Though he is well-off,he doesn’t let money and fame affect him and can do anything for his family.
His darling sister Bulbul Mehra is passionate about music and soon after school decides to do a degree for a couple of years before she pursues music as a career (similar to someone eh? They don’t know their tastes are similar now do they ? ) and just like the Pragya- Purab duo,even these two can do anything to keep each other happy and never hide things from one another.

Abhi calls Bulbul ‘Gudiya’ or sometime “cutie pie “ from the first time he saw her,soon after she was born, when he was around four years old.He was very thrilled to see such a tiny baby in his mother’s arms and the first thought that came to his mind was – “She looks like a doll with her tiny hands and legs and her pink cheeks. She is my Gudiya”

Abhi loves his Dadi a lot but she lives in India along with Tauji and Taiji. Abhi’s dad got a really big opportunity to prove himself in this industry and so Dadi asked him to go to London and achieve his dream. When they asked her to come along with them,she refused as after Dadaji’s death couple of years back,she has been living with his memories in that house and doesn’t want to leave from there.Abhi doesn’t want to leave her but she convinces him saying he should help his dad and more so because its a totally new place. Hence Abhi,Bulbul and their parents are in London now and they visit their dadi once a year and Abhi keeps talking to her almost daily through Skype.
And this is how we start our story on the journey of these four people and how destiny makes them meet .Should I continue ? or is it boring

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