IT’S A LOVE STORY (episode 1)

This is a small fanfiction about the current track on Naksh and Kriti. This is after 24th Feb episode.

Kriti POV:
When everyone was busy with the haldi arrangements and functions, I was lost in thought. How I wished my family listened to me when I begged them to not get me married to Aditya. I would not have to face all these problems now, physical and mental abuse is getting too much to handle. How I wish. My thoughts were interrupted by Luv and Kush who were running around and pushed me near the steps. I was going to roll down the starirs when a pair of strong arms caught me. “Aap teek ho? Aap ke dyaan kahan thi?” Naksh asked making me stand properly before turning to look at Luv and Kush. “Tum dono na bahut naughty ho. Aapko to pata hai na steps ke saamne baagna kitna unsafe hai? Aap dono gir sakte the ya fir koi aur.

Sorry bolo aapki dhi ko. Agar firse aisa kiya toh punishment millega. Samjhi?” He warns them bending to their height. “Sorry dhi.” They chorus and walk fast after I nod ok to them. “Thank you Naksh. And really sorry about Aditya. The hot water was working in our room, he just has something against you. I’m sorry I couldn’t stand up for you earlier.” I confess. “No problem Kriti. I noticed your arms being squeezed by him, I didn’t want to make it a big issue without knowing what it was. Always remember you have a friend if you need one.” He says smiling before walking away. Now I feel bad all over again for succumbing to my family pressure. During the Haldi ceremony all of us were dancing to various songs and ended up throwing haldi at one another. I did not want to end up as a Yellow Ranger so I hid myself behind the table to find Naksh already there.

“Why are you here?” I ask him. “Not a fan of being Yellow Ranger.” He smiles. After all the throwing died down both of us stepped out of our hiding spot clean. That’s when I realised my mistake, my family will.sure make a fuss about being alone with a guy for sometime, I could see Aditya fuming and left. On the other hand, the Singhanias and Maheshwari were happy to see their son had managed to save not only himself but me also from the haldi war. I saw papa and dadi walking away while maa followed after giving me a sad smile, chachi and chachu tried diverting the others attention but the youngsters had already noticed. I saw Naksh holding his ears and mouthing sorry, I nodded him a no and went inside to face drama which was going to unfold.

“I have been noticing you for sometime now, you are disrespecting our family. Damadji ki baare main socha? Usko kaisa lagega tab uski biwi koi aur ladke ke saath itni kareeb hai, akele main bait thi hai? Aur woh bhi us Naksh ke saath. Jisne unki uthni beizathi ki? Sharam nahi aathi tumhe? Teri sasural walon kya sochenge?” Dadi started scolding. “Uss Naksh ko bhi pata nahi hai kya? Ek shaadi shudha aurat ke saath kaisa behave karna hai? Kudh kisika izath nahi kartha par sab ko sikatha hai. Kittu ko bhi iss pariwar hi mila kya? Na uss ladki teek hai naa hi uss pariwar.” She went on while I could do nothing but cry. What’s the use of standing up for myself now? I didn’t do it when it was most required.

“Why are you standing here silently? Go and apologize to Aditya. Remember one thing Kriti, he is your husband and also my business partner. Your actions will affect my business also. Be careful and stay in your limits. Go.” Papa shouted and I left the room crying. Before I could reach my room I was pulled to the terrace by Aditya. “What were you thinking? You can have an affair and I wont know? You are my wife remember that. If I see you anywhere near the Naksh I will skin you. Understand?” He said twisting my hands and slapping me a few times. I nodded. “Good. Now you will do only as I say.” He sneered and was about to slap me again when a hand held him. “You are no one to control her.”

The person said. “I am her husband. And what will you do? You are after all a woman. Cry for forgiveness after one slap I give?” Aditya sneered. “I’m sure you don’t want to know what this after all a woman can do. Leave her hand right now u Male Chauvinist Pig.” Gayu said with such coldness I could never imagine from her. “What can you do? You will call your bhai?” Aditya continued to taunt her twisting my hand more. Unable to bear the pain I shouted. Gayu gave him one tight slap and kicked him with great force at this male part sending him to howl in pain. I was released from his grip and I rubbed my hand to ease out the pain while Gayu gave him one slap after another till we reached where everyone was there.

“Now I’m sure you know what a woman can do Adityaji? I have not cried for my brother or have you been able to raise a finger against me. I can go on beating you into a pulp but won’t. That honour goes to Kriti dhi and I won’t take that away. Dhi, come here and give this Male Chauvinist Pig a slap he will never forget in his life. Ek tapad jo is insaan ko yaad dilayegi ki uski gatiya soch aur arkaten ka nathija kya hoga.” A fierce Gayu said in a deathly calm voice which sent chills down my spine. With all the strength I could muster I slapped that human who made my life a living hell. I broke down after that. “Dhi, aapki galti kuch nahi tha. Calm down now. We’ll apply medicine come.”Gayu my saviour hugged me and made me stand up. “YEH KYA BADTAMEEZ HAI? TUM DAMADJI KO KAISE MAAR SAKTE HO? TUMARI HIMATT KAISI HOYI?” Dadi shouted and Papa was glaring at me.

Really sorry guys I couldnt update the other story yet. Will do that max by tomorrow or day after.

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