A love story -episode 1

Swaragini :SANLAK
PART 1- My life My choices!!

Story start from… Where Swara and Ragini moved to temple before Swara and Laksh marriage..
The scene started…
Ragini was thinking how to stop this marriage her all plan were failed and in few hours there will be wedding… She look at Swara praying so she thought to move around to temple to get some idea.. She walk towards temple stairs and sat silently thinking when her eyes fall on one family where two cute little girls are fighting over something and their parents are trying to solve it…. Lastly she saw that was nothing just a mere glass dolls which broken into pieces Because both of them were snatching it.. And at last both sisters regretted and console each other…
Just then one thought passed from her mind thinking ” Why I am doing all these.. Just because I love Laksh like mad but if I will snatch him from Swara then he can breakdown completely… No she can’t make Laksh as glass dolls… But what about her feelings for till when she will saw Laksh to going to be Swara forever… Then her mind went to Sanskar thought where he ask her to stopped all these ….. She will just Regret.. Her whole life knowing that Laksh Maheshwari loves her sister not her …so she lastly give up.. Yes she give up on Laksh Maheshwari.. Because he is not worth.. Of her she is better off him actually because of her lifestyle she started enjoying life.. She thinks Swara life is not bad.. She now wanted to see world… New color of life.. And about love or marriage.. It can wait.. So she decided what have to do!!! Let it go!!! No Laksh No love No marriage No Madness… Just her and her New life…

Swara look here and there only to find Ragini sitting on stairs thinking deeply so she decided to give her personal space and left to the back of temple thinking about Marriage.. She knows why she said Yes to marriage… She don’t love Laksh it is just friendship for her nothing more… She sometimes think why Ragini give up on Laksh if she never did then she would have her life back some where she is regretting now saying Yes… Yesterday after encounter of Sanskar something different happened she don’t what to say it… A spark… Which never happens between her and Laksh… Never.. Then she started revinding everything from start… Where there was no moment that Laksh has effect her or her sleep but Sanskar.. His gestures was enough for her yesterday that she felt lost in his but composes herself immediately… She don’t know why she is sad that he loves someone…. She don’t know why.. Now she don’t want to think about Sanskar which only confused her… But Laksh is she doing good by marrying him!! She don’t feel about him… In all these day she tired of faking love showing everyone that she loves him but no… She didn’t.. And Now it’s matters of life long…. But… WAIT A SECOND from when she Swara Gadodia started compromising in life.. Never what ever she feels she say it .and if she is not ready for marriage then she have to say either everyone hurts or what because in relation their should be honesty and trust before love n all…. So she will clear her point before everyone..

Sanskar was looking at passing from Laksh to call badi Ma for some work but stopped looking at Laksh in deep thought.. So he moved inside..
Sanskar worry -lucky?
Laksh jerk off from his thoughts and look at his bhai.. And he said – Bhai when you came…
Sanskar look at him amazed – lucky I am before some time but Are you OK?
Laksh don’t know why but he wanted to pour his heart out in front of his brother who can understand him more than anyone.. So he said – I am not ready Bhai!!
Sanskar was shocked and confused – Laksh??? What are you saying… And about what??
Laksh said pleading – Bhai could please close the door and sit beside me for some time..
Sanskar look at his brother who is worried and pleading.. So he did what he said and lastly sitting beside him he held his hand assuring -” What happened? ”
Laksh take a deep breath and said – Bhai you are only person in this whole house who don’t judge me and jump at conclusions.. Bhai I am not ready for this marriage…
Sanskar was hell shocked but he knows somewhere anything is wrong then his mind went to Ragini if she had done or said anything to Laksh… She is gone he will make sure.. But composing himself he ask calmly – But why Laksh?
Laksh said in broken voice – Bhai I wanted to tell you everything what I am thinking.. Bhai I was excited when Swara accepted my marriage proposal and even Dad. Mom everyone.. I was on cloud nine.. But after one by one marriage ritual were getting over I felt suffocate not happy.. Elders said that marriage ritual bring happiness but I was not happy not even now… I saw my friends marriage where my friend and his wife has enjoyed function not like me and Swara who wore a plastic smile.. For god sake why I don’t know!! I was not like this before… And don’t think Bhai that Swara is loving me.. Her attitude and behavior is same like before all this.. A friend.. Nothing more than that.. And bhai I didnt notice her behavior till yesterday because before that I was trying to understand mine …I don’t know why I am happy I am like taking burden… And yesterday night Bhai I got something which made me happy..(he handed the envelope) you know Bhai before all this Dad wanted me to go and study MBA from London.. I rejected him because I was in love with Swara and nothing looking forward but after this marriage fiasco started I don’t know why but I started feeling aloof…I regain my mind in study and then I thought to go for college entrance exam so I applied in best collage of New York ..and I didn’t thought in my wildest dreams Bhai that I will get the addmission on scolorship… Bhai (said grinning) but bhai then I came to conclusions that I was never happy this much before even for this marriage and right now I wanted to go and live this moment… And it’s mean I am not ready Bhai… I am not ready..
Sanskar listening all these understand his brother immediately… But thought about Swara he get tensed…
Sanskar – Laksh you should talk with Swara about this.. Let her know all this…
Laksh – I am also thinking same bhai but I wanted someone besides me please bhai come with me…
Sanskar – but Laksh…
Laksh – please…
Sanskar nodded and moved out of room to get fresh air..

(guys its a new ff of mine so you can tell me about pair.. What you want Swalak and Ragsan… Or Swasan or Raglak….. Or some new pair… Because many of my fan asked me to right on Raglak spacial ff so in this story these four have equal Stand..)

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