my love story (episode 1)

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The story begins..
It is a beautiful morning.
A handsome young man is cooking busy in the kitchen.
His phone rings..
He wears his Bluetooth..
It is our ranveer.
He is preparing food for his sister’s.
Ranveer: arrange the meeting by 10 am.
Ranveer cuts the call.
Ranveer: pragya,bulbul and roshni wake up..

Pragya: Bhai I’m already ready..
Bulbul : roshni is sleeping Bhai..
Roshni: I’m ready Bhai..
Ranveer: bulbul and roshni you have your interview today..
Bulbul: kk Bhai.
Pragya hugs ranveer.
Ranveer: always be happy my dear princess.
Pragya,bulbul, roshni smile and leaves.
At mehra mansion.
Ishani :Bhai wake up..
Abhi: two minutes..
Ishani: Bhai pls get up.
Abhi: kk
Abhi gets ready.
Ishani: Bhai drop me na
Abhi: come fast.
At SP design house,
Sid: have they arrived.
Purab: ya they are here.
Roshni and bulbul are waiting .
Wind blows.
Roshni shawl flies and falls on Sid’s face.
Sid takes the shawl.
Roshni and Sid share an eyelock.
O re piya plays.

Roshni gets the shawl.
Purab and Sid conduct the interview.
Purab: ms.roshni tell me about the company.
Roshni starts speaking and Sid is mesmerized in her eyes.
Bulbul continues.
Purab and impressed by their attitude.
Sid: welcome to SP design house ..
They share an hand shake.
Pragya is on the way to her college.
There is heavy traffic.
Pragya: I am going to be late.
Pragya hurries.
At last she reaches clg.
Pragya: morning students..
Students: morning mam.
Pragya: guys what about culturals.

Students : everything is ready.
Pragya:what about Mr.abhi
Students: we will meet him tomo.
Pragya: let’s start the rehearsal .
( actually guys pragya works in a fine arts college.
She is expert in singing as well as dancing.)
Abhi drops ishu.
Ishani: Bhai come in na.
Abhi: OK.
That’s it.
Precap::pragya and abhi meeting.

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode ammu dii and waiting for ishveer meeting.

  2. ammu

    Guys you are angry on me ah.sorry couldn’t upload it. From now on daily one episode.☺☺please comment below.

  3. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    so nice ammu dear , but pls give us some ishveer scenes dear

  4. Deepika

    Wonderful story you’re a genius.Just keep writing.All the best for next episode.Am waiting for it.

  5. Hiii guys ,
    sry but I am hurted because of u all ignoring me
    plz I request again share a link to watch Meri aashiqui tumse hi 28 feb episode. ….

    and sry I forgot to introduce myself I am a girl my name is avanti and I am studying in class 9 .I know I am New to u all but we can be friends

    I hope someone will reply. ….

  6. hey ammu sry but the site is not working. …
    and thanx for excepting me as a friend …
    Sry for troubling u can u plz explain how to post an episode here ….I want to publish new ff. .

    sry again for troubling u

    • ammu

      No problem.
      First type your ff in ms word.then in the telly updates website on the top you have a that and select submit your article.enter details.paste your story .
      Give the captcha code as 5.
      Then click submit .
      That’s it avanti
      Never again say that you are troubling me.
      We are frnds OK VA.☺

  7. Maya

    Sorry for the late comment…just got the time to read and comment.. vry lovable epi and waiting Abhigya’s meeting…

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