Love story of a don – Raglak (by Kristen) summary

Hello guys so sorry for late update reason u know my exams n some of u didn’t read my starting episodes so here is summary

Laksh is a don who marride a girl ragini,she is daughter of DIG Shekhar gadodiya,he force ragini to marry laksh bcoz she got to know some secrets of him(i will reveled dis later)so dey marry eo at deir 1st nyt laksh didn’t come n ragini waiting 4 him n when he returned he clothes full of blood he kils some goons it reveled he is good not bad but ragini didn’t knew this

After few hours

Ragini didn’t want to wear manglsutra(MS) bcoz she hates laksh n throw d ms on floor at dat time laksh come make her wear ms forcefuly

Laksh thinks about his n her 1st meting


Laksh going somewhere n his tyer got puncherd n he is waiting for machanic a girl come n hug him from behind n he turn n dat girl kiss him n after some time he also respond but she breaks d kiss n slap him n her friends come n congrats her leter its reveled dat she is ragini gadodiya dat kiss n slap was a prank of their friends

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