A love story which doesn’t have any end (swasan)


hey guys this story is gonna be about swasan

A clumsy high school girl named swara who is at the bottom of her class has had a crush on a popular and genius male student called sanskar maheshwari ever since she laid eyes on him on the first day of high school. swara decides to confess through a letter, but is rudely rejected by Sanskar, who tells her that he hates stupid girls and returns the letter, having corrected all of her grammatical and spelling mistakes and giving her a mark of D-.

Fate intervenes when an earthquake ruins swara’s family’s newly built home. While the house gets rebuilt, swara and her father are invited to stay at the home of her dad’s childhood friend, who happens to be sanskar’s father . swara’s feelings for Sanskar are rekindled, and she is more than determined to impress him. Sanskar remains insensitive to her feelings and finds her a complete nuisance. However, sanskar’s matchmaker mom, helps swara and becomes determined to get the two together.

During her time with Sanskar and his family, swara blackmails Sanskar into tutoring her to become part of the top fifty ranked students in their high school. Sanskar reluctantly agrees and over the weeks as they tutor together, swara’s feelings grow continually stronger for Sanskar, and his feelings for her also strengthen though he does not show it and is still very confused by them. When the results of the ranking come out, Sanskar tells her to look at her placing and she is shocked to find that she ranked #50. Their high school year is filled with heartbreak, confusion, anger. swara’s unrequited love remains but slowly and gradually, Sanskar comes to like swara and finds her company very enjoyable. After several dramatic events involving swara, Sanskar still grows closer to her. When swara says she will forget him and no longer be interested in him in front of the senior year, he panics a little and strings her along by kissing her on their graduation night to renew her feelings for him and announces that he has decided to attend the same University as swara.

Sanskar and swara soon graduate high school and move on to university. There, Sanskar meet sanam, the female equivalent of sanskar maheshwari. While swara’s classmate laksh still harbors, despite many incidents that have continuously broke his heart, feelings for swara. However, Sanskar is still the one swara likes, despite the fact that he is always with sanam and has stated that he lives to tease her. sanam falls in love with Sanskar and they begin working together at a restaurant, which makes swara jealous.

swara’s feelings continue to grow just as the friendship between Sanskar and sanam does too. When Sanskar’s father becomes hospitalized, Sanskar takes over his father’s gaming company temporarily. He is introduced to the investor’s granddaughter at an arranged marriage meeting, who turns out to be none other than sanam. laksh doesn’t give up on trying to win swara’s heart, and one day, he takes his infatuation one step further by proposing to swara. However, swara rejects laksh and exits her father’s noodle shop in guilt. It’s raining and she is surprised to find Sanskar standing there with an umbrella, waiting for her. Sanskar claims to be curious about her answer for laksh, knowing that he had proposed, but swara refuses to tell him. This leads to an argument between the two, causing swara to have an outburst, which is interrupted when Sanskar suddenly kisses her, finally revealing his true feelings.

Sanskar announces to all family members that he and swara will get married once they graduate, to the excitement and happiness of their family members, especially Sanskar’s mother. Sanskar loosens up and embraces his feelings for swara and laksh is heartbroken. Sanskar tells sanam to which she pretends to be happy with his decision and tells him that she is happy that finally Sanskar is able to know what he actually wants. sanam releases her heartache through playing more than four hours of tennis in frustration while Karthik, her crusher waits and watches her until she finishes. sanskar’s mother announces their marriage date which is within one week. However, in the time period leading up to the wedding, arguments break out between swara and Sanskar. But despite Sanskar’s temporary uncertainty of marriage, they marry.

During their honeymoon, they encounter another couple. The woman flirts with Sanskar in front of swara, and takes up all of their days of their honeymoon by tagging along with them, to swara’s annoyance. She fakes an injury so that he will inspect her (Sanskar mentioned that he is studying medicine). swara gets jealous, and she and Sanskar argue. After swara leaves the room, the woman tries to seduce Sanskar into bed, but sanskar, realising she was putting up a façade, rejects her and tells her to ‘never compare herself to swara’. Then sanskar goes searching for swara and the two reconcile after he tickles her.

ragini, a British-indian girl, enters their lives. She speaks hindi fluently and develops a major and conspicuous crush on laksh. But laksh rejects her saying he only has room for swara in his heart; it is later revealed he was in denial, and has begun to have feelings for ragini.

swara tries to switch her major to nursing to be closer to sanskar, but her grades aren’t sufficient. On her way to a date with sanskar on Christmas Eve, she witnesses an accident. Despite the risk of arrest if it’s done incorrectly, swara successfully performs CPR on the person and accompanies her to the hospital. It makes her late for their date, but she finds sanskar waiting for her. Meanwhile,mini swara’s bff becomes a famous cartoon artist, having drawn their high school lives including swara’s confession to sanskar. sanskar’s mother, father and swara’s father are seen holidaying and drinking a beverage while resting on lounging chairs. The finale ends with swara and sanskar making out in the company car.

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  2. Mica

    aww awesome Manasa….it’s inspired from Playfull Kiss ?

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    Awwwww choo cutee story… too many ups n down but finally they were one.. loved it Manasa.. thnk u…

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    Luvd it manasa…

  5. its palyful kiss tv series….

  6. it was a roller coaster of emotions it could have been better if u had detailed it just my opinion sorry if i hurt u but i liked it

  7. Its a story of Korean drama playful kiss

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