Love story of devil n angle (qubool hai asya ss n on going track of swaragini)summary 2 n episode 3

Hi guys i m back with my ff n in this ff asad n sanskar will be devil n no more villain ok so let’s start

zoya was about to go when asad pulls her 2ward him n hold her sholder very tightly say if she leave him than he destroy humaira life bcoz ayaan n humaira love eo n bcoz of ayaan request he got ready to marry he zoya is shocked n zoya ready live with but for humaira n asad goes to sleep zoya sit down near bed n think about her past she come to deharadun for her study n goes toward her appi jiju home

episode 3

fb continue
next day in college

zoya come to college wearing blue jeans white T-shirt n with open hair n aply simple makeup enter in college everyone see bcoz of her simplecity

another side of college in cantin

5 senior college studen haidar,tanveer,fatima n sanskar r siting n waiting for asad

tanu- ya allah where is asad all juniors has come he didn’t come

haidar-even i also yaar waiting i called him many time but he didn’t pickup my phone calls

sanky-guys u know na him he is lazy so don’t waste our time after 30 minute all classes will start than we can’t do anything

fatima-guys wait for him just 5 minute plz

all agree n wait for asad n haidar got a call so goes to talk

a man near about 23 come on bike n park his he wear blue jeans n white shirt n his face is revaled asad he came near to all his friend

“hello guys so lets start our work,asad says with excitment

“how we have only 20 min n just bcoz of u,sanky says

“guys don’t fight with otherwise we also loose our 20 min so lets start raging,asad says n all agree n they search some student for raging

where zoya enter in college searching for notice bored to findout her classes n she was about to go but some girls push her but 2 girl hold her girl one wearing suit n chudidar salwar n girl 2 wearing jeans n sleevless kurti

“thanx bcoz of u two i got saved,zoya said

“its ok u should carefull,girl1 said

“btw i m zoya siddaqui,zoya said

“hi we r swaragini,ragini said n zoya confused

“we r mean only ur name swaragini,zoya said with confusion SR laugh

“swaragini she is my sister com friend swara n i m ragini when u combind us than it make swaragini,ragini says

“oh i c btw u guys r frist yeas student economic MBA,zoya aks

“no ragini is 1st year student of bio n i m economic MBA 1st year student,swara says

“oh wow so u guys know time table of our classes,zoya ask

“ya our classes is after 20 min but ragini classes is after 5 min so she will have to go n i was going to cantin so will u join me,swara says

“ya sure lets go,zoya says n both goes toward cantin n ragini goes toward her classes

in cantin

All junior obey whatever their senior says n than zwara(swara n zoya) enter n asky (asad n sanky) see them gets memorised n fatima see this n get jelouse to asad watching other girl n she thinks some thing n smirks n she called zwara

“so u both new here means junior,fatima ask

“ya,both says

“so guys u know frist u have to obey ur seniors,fatima says n see asad who watching zoya very lovingly n gets more angry

“ya tell us what we will have to do,zoya ask

“so frist tell me ur name,fatima says

“my name is swara n she my friend zoya,swara ask

“ok than swara whatever ur senior order for eating or drinking u serve tham,fatima says n swara noded n goes

“now its ur turn miss zoya now see what can i do when any1 see my asad,fatima think n smirks

fb end present start

dilshaad knock the door n asad wake up n see everywhere but he couldn’t find zoya n hears bathroom shower sounds he got relax n he open the door

“what happen ammi y u came so early,asad ask

“asad i think u forget that yesterday was ur marrige n today is ur wife’s muhdikhai n btw where is zoya,dilshad ask

“vo ammi went to take bath,asad says

“oh ok so tell her that today is her muhdikhai n give her this clothes n jwellaries ok,dilshaad says n goes asad take all thaal n put on the bed goes 2ward balcony

in bathroom

zoya takes bath n she forget to take her clothes n bathrobe also n she is searching something n find asad’s t-shrit frist she hesistate n than she thinks she has no choice n start wearing


asad call some1

“hi asad how r u u called me so early,a person says

“ya sanskar i called u bcoz i found her ya found zoya u know the girl whom i marride she non other than zoya,asad says

“nice atleast some1 got his love,sanky says with a faint smile n asad understood his meaning

“don’t worry sanky everything will be ok b/w u n swara btw any clue about laksh,asad say with concerd

“no asad but i trying my level best leave it asad congrats u find ur love n lose her again wish u happy marride life bye tc,sanky says

“ok thanx bye,asad says n he cut the call

in asad room

zoya come wearing asad t,shirt n she search everywhere she is not found asad so she come out n at mean time asad enter room but didn’t see him n see zoya in his t-shirt get memorised n he thinks something smile naughtly

recap-laksh is in bhopal swasan n ragini come bhopal asya fight


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