Love story of devil n angle (qubool hai asya ss n on going track of swaragini) part 4

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asad room

asad see zoya in his n thinks something n goes towards her hugs her from back(zoya shocked n try to push him)

“u looking so beautiful n se*y,asad says

“asad leave me,zoya said in irition n try free from his grip

“zoya plz stay na remmember,asad says

“asad leave me otherwise i will shout,zoya said

“ok go head shout but wife what will u says to ammi that i m romancing with my wife,asad says n he make turned zoya n hold her

“ya i will says that u romancing with me without my permission,zoya said in angry tone

“i don’t need ur permision its my right,asad says

“u always do whetever u want na than c what i do when i want,zoya said asad give he confused look n he feel pain on his bisapes ya zoya bites him but asad hold zoya very tightly n smile n after 2 min zoya tired n leave him n his bisapes is bleeding but asad smiles n his full with water to see this zoya also start crying

“what happens zoya u want to give me pain na to see my pain y u r crying,asad says

“i don’t know no,zoya says

“bcoz u still love me n u can’t see me in pain,asad said n leaned to her kiss zoya on her neck n zoya shiver n he tell zoya some thing in her ear

“todays is muhdikhai so be ready n i m going to fresh n up bye n ammi give some clothes i put them on bed,asad said leave goes towards washroon n zoya take n wipe her tears

dilshaad takes zoya n make her sits in hall she wear red lenga back less blous n red dupatta which cover her head with simple makeup n asad see her n memorised n lady see her n prises her beauty n gives her gift

“dilshaad u DIL is so beautyful,lady said

“thank u,dilshaad says

“dilshaad asad n zoya is perfect for eo,lady 2 said

“dilshaad now muhdikhai completed now says to son n DIL that we want to see their dance togheter,lady 3 said n asad bcome happy n zoya shocked

“ok zoya asad go,dilshaad says n asad noded n zoya give him a fake smile

dilshaad plays song “dekha hazaro dafa apko’song from rustom movie (guys i m not in good in dance step so plz can’t give explaination)

asya dance with passion n lost eo song end every1 claps they comes to sence every1 congrats n prises their jodi all leaves zoya goes toward her room but dil stop her n asad

“yes aunty/ammi tell me,asya said togheter

“zoya call me ammi i MIL ok n asad zoya u have to mazaar bcoz its our family ritual that new weded cauple goes take their blessing,dil said

“ok ammi,asya said n goes

in car

asad drives car asad see zoya who watch outside asad think n hold her hand zoya see him

“asad leave my hand,zoya said

“ye hath maine chodane ke liye nahi pakda hai,asad said

“ok fine hold it,zoya said with iritation

they reach mazaar n prays

“allah miya some year before u give me love me but btray me n leave me n once again he come back now he marry me plz god give me strength to make some distance,zoya pray

“thanks u give me my love back n she misunderstood me n leave me but this time i won’t let her go,asad prays

they complete their prays now they leave

on the road asad doing his masti n make zoya iritated but he got call from office

“ya nisha tell,asad said n he thinks something

“sir vo actualy we make arrangemets whatever u want in u date with mam,nisha said

“ok thanx nisha u r inteligent u know want do i want no body cares me accept u,asad says n zoya bcome jelous

” thanx sir n bye,nisha says n cut the call

“ok nisha thanx n don’t worry i will tc myself once i start come office u there na for me n my office bye,asad says n see zoya who bcome red due to anger n he scard

“zoya(but she didn’t reply) zoya(asad shouted),asad said she turn

“what,asad says

“will u come with me for dinner date,asad says

“y me go with ur nisha,zoya said

“thats good ok i’ll go with(he see some1 n shocked)laksh,asad said

“what r u saying,zoya said

“no laksh there,asad says n click his pic n ran behind the car but lost

“what happened n laksh what he is doing here,zoya ask but asad calls sanskar tell him everything n send his pic n he tell everything to

at kolkata

sanskar reach baadi n shouted

“ragini come out,sanky shout listen to his voise shemish n swaragini come out

“sanskar y r u shouting n what r u doing just go,swara shouts

“miss bose (swaragini n shemish shock to listen miss bose)i didn’t come here to talk u i came here to talk with ragini,sanky says

“ragini got that where is laksh n tommorow we going bhopal to search so be ready,sanky said n ragini crying

“par sanskar laksh what r he doing in bhopal,ragini asked

“i don’t know n do u remmember my friend asad he see him n send me his pic,sanky says n show them pic

“n ya take this ticket tommorow we r going n ya if any1 want to come than he can i give extra ticket,sanky says n goes n ragini hugs swara

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