Love story of devil n angel (Qubool hai asya ss)

Hi guys its me priya i know u think that i m not update my ff but what can i do i m suffring from zoyndis n typhoid so doc suggested me full rest n don’t give any pressure to body n specialy eyes n my mom take my phone n my mobile but today i request her many time so she give me only two hours n this is my new story with new cocept n asad is our hero her n also vilain in my ff n zoya is our heroine there is no 17 saal purana raaz there is no sautaila n sagaa drama only love betray

so here we go

today i m going to marride but i don’t want to marry bcoz i love someone else but he betray me now i hate him n whom i m going to marry i didn’t see his face i just know his name ASAD n his hurt me so much bcoz whom i loved his name was also ASAD i don’t know what write in my destiny but whatever write in fate mughey qubool hai sorry forgot to introduce my self i m zoya Ahmed siddaqui bhopal’s one of the most powerful business man mr. Gaffur Ahmed siddaqui elder doughter in my family only four member live me abbu chooti ammi n lil sis humaira when i was my real ammi died bcoz of cancer than my abbu married razia ammi bcoz me n she loved me like her own child when i was 7 year i got my cute lil sis humaira but my chooti ammi never change me she used to love like before n my sis humair what can i says about she is not my sis she is my best friend my life i love her so much now its time for my nikkah n suddenly a voice come from behind her

“zoya u r ready kaji sahab waiting for u nikkah ka waqt ho raha darwaza kholo, a 55 year old lady said

“ya chooti ammi (guys she is razia +ive charcter) i m ready lets go, zoya said n she open the door
razia bring her she make her to sit at mandap everyone arive there kaji sahab start marrige ritual (guys i don’t know the ritual of muslim wedding so any mistake plz forgive)

“zoya kya tumhe ye nikkah qubool hai,kiji ask zoya

“qubool hai,zoya says three times

now kaji ask asad

“kya apako ye nikkah qubool hai,kaji asks

“qubool hai,asad says three times

n marrige complete everyone congrats them n zoya tries see asad face but all in vain n finaly bidai time sidduqui do the bidai ritual zoya goes with asad
in the car n slience zoya in ghonghat so they can’t see eo n they finaly reach home n dilshaad welcome them n she take zoya n bring her asad room

“zoya u sit here finaly u become my DIL n i m so happy for asad he got a wife like u ok u sit here i send asad,dilshaad says n goes frome there

zoya is so nervous about asad bcoz she neven saw him even not talk him n asad come n now she is more nervous asad comes near the bed sat besides zoya

“i don’t know kaha se shuruwat karu par mai tumse kuchh kanana chahta ho abhi se nahi blki shadi se pahle but bcoz of marrige could’t talk to but i think that in any realtionships base is trust so i want to tell u something about my past i love someone else (to hear this zoya become shocked find asad voice is famileir) i know i hurt u i was forced to marry u,asad says n his eyes with full of tear

“if u love someelse than y u marry n i think ur ammi abbu so nice than y,zoya says with heavy heart

“ya u r right but i betray her i broke he heart now she hates me n leaves me we meet in dehradun she was college,asad says

zoya find this story something known n she raised her ghonghat n see asad n shock

“mr. Khan u,zoya says n her eyes with full of tears

listen her voice asad see zoya

“miss farooqui u but u r gaffur ahmed siddaqui daughter how,asad saye with pain happy n shocked emotion n about hugs her but she pushe him slaps him hard (mitwa fast version play)

screen frezeez on asya face

ok guys let me clear ur some confusen ok rashid n siddaqui family friends n business partener n dilshaad likes zoya so she forced asad to marry zoya they didn’t see eo n there is shirin drama dilshaad have to sons asad ayaan n tanveer is positive chacter

so here i m done n i will post another qubool hai ff one by one ok bye

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Hey priya! This story seems interesting with a different concept! Good going! Keep it up! Well take care of yourself! Awaiting your both FFs!
    Keep smiling!

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