My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Intro


Hey guys I am Maria many of you may not be knowing me but i am also a fan of KRPKAB.. I also write one ff but not on KRPKAB..

So let’s start with the intro…
Dev Dixit: A young business man, thinks that there is no girl in the world made for her… But he flirts with girls but is not interested in any of them..

Sonakshi Bose: A young famous nutritionist.. thinks that she will never be able to complete her love story like others no boy is of her type as she would like..she thinks no boy is made for her..

Side roles:
Dev’s three sisters
Ishwari dev’s mom
Sona’s mom dad
I will give a brief introduction,
The story revolves around the lives of two young girl and a boy, Dev and Sona. They both believe that their love story cannot be completed because no one is made for them of their type.. But fate has written something else for them.. They both find their love story completed with each other..

And a good news this is a villain proof story 😉

I hope you liked the intro if yes then please comment as your comments are my only inspiration!!

Credit to: Maria

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  1. Very nice start carry on

    1. Thanks Partho

  2. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)


    1. Thanks zuha

  3. I luv d concept of villain intolerance;)..I too write an ff on twinj which is villain proof jst like yours

    1. Thanks aarti 🙂

    2. Can u tell me arti which ff do u write 4 our twinj?

      1. TEI family is d ff I write on our twinj

      2. Oh I will definitely read that

  4. Waiting…Waiting!!!

    1. I will post it soon…

  5. Well very nice… I am looking forward 4 it…well this is d 1st time I am commenting on a KRPKAB ff or episode but I am a huge fan of krpkab ya even I am an ff writer but I write a twinj ff but there is a story revolving in my mind for devakshi too…
    And u keep going …but plz can u tell me ur age ?

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thank you so much shreya I write ff on Vidhaa (IKRS) it was not my fault, my age is 16 and urs?

      1. Well then I should call u maria di as I am just 14 but I would love 2 b ur frnd..BTW which fault r u talking ’bout?

      2. Maria(Mishalian?)

        We will be friends don’t call me di, and it was not my fault is my ff’s name ??

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)


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