My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 8

Next morning,
Dev comes to Niki and says that he is confused. Niki asks but why? Actually whenever I am with Sona I mean Miss Bose I feel something which I don’t understand! Can you help me please. Niki feels happy and thinks wow our plan worked out! She says bhaiya because you love her! Dev says what rubbish! Niki says bhaiya its not at all rubbish I knew you loved her but now its high time you should realise. Dev thinks is it really true? Do I really love her? Yes bhaiya you love her says Niki. Dev goes back to his room. He thinks yes I think I am in love because whenever she is around me I feel happy 🙂 But how do I confess it to her? Just then Sona knocks Dev’s door. Dev is mesmerised by her beauty and he keeps staring at her. Sona says Mr.Dixit where have you lost? Dev says in your beauty… Sona asks what? Dev says I mean you are looking beautiful today. Sona shies and says thank you and she leaves the room without saying anything. Ishwari sees this and thinks who will make Sona realise that she loves Dev! She thinks of an idea and goes to the kitchen. Sona is working when Ishwari secretly takes her phone and Niki notes down Elena’s number! Ishwari then keeps back the phone. 😉

Some time later Dev comes to kitchen just to see Sona. He goes towards her and eyes her lovingly. Sona notices this and thinks again butterflies oh my god! She asks why are you standing in the kitchen? Dev says to see you. Sona asks what? Dev says to drink water. Sona gives him a glass of water and asks him to go to office as its already late! Dev thinks itni jaldi bhi kya hai? He keeps the glass on the table without drinking it and leaves. Sona thinks what happened to him? During bed time,
Elena asks Sona so how was your day with him? Sona asks him? Elena says I mean Dev! Sona says shut up Elena! I said na no one can complete my love story! Elena says but I can understand from the day he has entered your life you enjoy with him everytime, every single moment! Sona keeps thinking and her phone rings, its none other than Dev.
Sona asks hi, u called me late at night? Is everything fine? Aunty? Dev says pause everything is fine I called you to… to… Sona asks to? Dev says to ask if you are tired? 😉 Sona asks seriously? Dev asks by the way morning you had come to my room but without saying anything you left? Sona says oh yes I want to tell that Aunty’s reports are now much better! Dev says thank you so much for coming in my life… I mean in mom’s life! Sona says that’s it so bye! Dev says bye and they keep the phone. Sona thinks nowadays Mr. Dixit is behaving wierdly? Elena says oh so ap fir khogayi unke khayalo me… sona says shut up and sleep. They sleep but Sona thinks about Dev!!

Next morning,
Dev asks Sona if she can come with him for dinner as some clients are going to come who also want to consult you! So will you please come? Sona says yaa sure I will come. Dev says yesssss!! And gets excited whereas Sona gives him a weird look, and Dev controls himself…

Precap: Dev proposes Sona!! Aren’t you excited for it?!

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  1. Heyyyyy…superbbbbbbb……

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      Thanks Laxmi 🙂

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    Awsm dear…..
    Frst tym i read it n fnd it superbb

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  3. Awsome Maria….please post the next part soon

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      Thank you Angel, will post it soon!!

  4. Bhoomi

    Superb Maria… ?

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  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    It’s too good yaar maria wow dev propose sona ur ff is too good dear keep it up

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      Thank you so much Jo 🙂

  6. Ofcourse excited dis something to ask..itna excited to koi tab bhi na ho jab koi use propose krne wala ho.. hehe

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      Lol?? Thank you so much?

  7. It was superb. I am reading your ff for the first time.

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  8. Eagerly waiting for this episode when I read aww I feel awesome I m waiting how dev will propose her wow now in my stomach butterflies r moving here and there soo excited to read next update

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      Aww me too felt butterflies… Will try to post it soon!!

  9. devakhi&swasan

    ohh god post fast

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      Will try to!

  10. Partho

    Maria I am very excited about the proposal and it was a lovely episode keep it up

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    Welc maria

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