My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 7


Next day,

Sona comes to Dev’s house! Dev looks at her and smiles. He comes to her and says good morning! She says good morning! And smiles. She again feels butterflies in her stomach. She thinks what happens to me when I see him! Dev also thinks the same. Ishwari sees them together and thinks inki Jodi hamesha aise hi Bani rahe(yeh Aunty bhi Na Sona ko apni bahu man hi chuki hai??) She comes and says Sona beta tum agayi?! Sona says yes Aunty and she says OK so I will go and tell kitchu bhaiya about the break fast. She says bye to Dev he also says the same. Ishwari says bye beta and leaves. Dev stands smiling, ishwari notices this and thinks jabse Sona ayi hai mera Dev Khush rehne laga hai!!Sona does her work in kitchen when Dev comes from behind and says Sona.. She turns and asks you didn’t go to your office? He says I can’t leave you even for a minute, I want to be with you forever! Sona blushes and Ishwari calls her. She turns back and realises that it was just a dream! She thinks what was I dreaming!! Ishwari says kaha khoi ho? Sona says Dev. Ishwawi says what?! Sona says I mean I want to meet Dev to discuss your reports that’s it. Ishwari says oh OK.

Ishwari goes to Niki, Riya and tells about Dev and Sona. Niki says yes maa I also think the same. They make a plan to unite them. They says yes!! In the evening Dev comes back home and goes to sit for dinner. And Sona comes and says Mr.Dixit hi, he says hi and they both feel something for each other. Ishwari comes and says today actually the food is over you go out with Ms.Boss and have dinner.Sona says but.. Dev thinks wow he got a chance to spend time with her so he excitedly says yes but he doesn’t realize what is happening to him. So he asks Ms.Boss canyou come with me for dinner? Sona thinks and says but.. Ishwari says you both decide I will leave and she hides nearby. Sona says but.. Dev holds her hand and tells come with me. Sona shies. Ishwari and Niki give hi 5.

In the hotel,
Sona orders her favorite dish for him as well as Dev. Dev asks so how was your day? Sona says as usual and yours? He says yes the same. The dinner comes and the waiter says Sir, Mam we are observing you from some time and have decided that you both are the winner of couple’s..and you have to dance. Dev is very happy listening this and says yaa sure. He makes Sona stand and kneels down and asks will you dance with me? Sona is stunned. She feels very good and she keeps her hand on his hand and they both dance lost in each other and everyone smile and claps for them. They have dinner and leave! The episode ends…

Precap: Dev realizes his love!!! Will Sona accept his love?; Jaane ke liye padte rahiyeMy love story sirf telly updates par!!

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. So cute yar…..
    u r amazing writer…..
    Keep going…..
    Waiting for next part…..

    1. Thank you so much kavya 🙂

  2. Superb Episode… lovelly?? Precap Superb .. I loved the line ??

    1. Thanks Bhoomi 🙂

  3. Cute one.. Ishwari n nikki r the best.. Keep writing

    1. Thanks Shraman 🙂

  4. Your style of writing precap is really nice..can i too try it in my ff??

    1. Yea sure Aarti but did you like the episode?

  5. wow maria awesome

    1. Thanks Jo 🙂

  6. O maria awesome episode mate keep it up.

    1. Thanks Partho

  7. Cute episode Maria……

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Deeksha

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