My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 6


The episode starts with Dev and Sona reaching the party venue. They enjoy the party but Dev is lost in Sona! He thinks what is happening to him? Later it is announced that a Paper Dance Competition is going to be held. Dev and Sona shy to dance with each other therefore refuse. But everyone insists so they finally agree! It is announced that the winning couple will have to dance. The paper is given to all the couples. All couples dance on the song Gerua. Sona and Dec dance but avoid eye contact with each other. Dev looks at her lovingly when Sona also looks up and they share an eye lock. Dev says Ms.Boss I love you! Sona says I love you too Mr.Dixit. And they hug each other. The song stops and many couples are disqualified as they stepped out of the sheet of paper. But Dev and Sona are still in. Everyone claps. Dev comes out of his dream world and thinks oh it was just a dream but why was I thinking that, I am really mad! Sona has butterflies in her stomach as she danced with Dev. The song again plays but this time the paper is folded. So Dev and Sona come more close. They look at each other and are lost in each others eyes. And the game continues. After some time only two couples are left along with Devakshi. They come closer and closer because the paper is folded. And finally there is no place for two of them to stand. So Dev picks up Sona in his arms and stares her lovingly. Sona is surprised by his sudden gesture. She shies very much and butterflies fly in her stomach. After some time the song stops and the winner of the competition is declared as Dev and Sona. They both are very happy and Dev keeps her down and they both are called on the dance floor. Sona says Mr.Dixit I don’t know to dance well let it be. Dev says no Ms.Bose you dance really well come and he forwards his hand. Sona keeps her hand on his hand.

They dance on the song Jeena Jeena from Badlapur. Everyone sees them and tells what a perfect couple! Sona shies. And thinks what is happening to her why is she shying so much today? They dance looking at each other and lost in each other. Dev thinks why I feel so good with her? The song ends and everyone clap for them! They have dinner and Dev drops Sona home. She says bye, Dev also says the same and Sona says thank you! Dev smiles and says anytime and says ok meet you tomorrow come soon! He says I mean be on time don’t be late! Sona says sure, bye and she leaves.

Sona goes inside and talks to Elena. She tells her everything about the party.Elena thinks ise to Dev sey pyar hogaya hai!! She says now finally I will tell only one thing! I guess you love him. Sona says shut up Elena! Bakwas mat kar, he is just a good friend nothing more. Elena says thike baba ab so jaa zyada uske bare me mat soch! They both sleep. Here Dev is restless when Ishwari comes and asks tu soya nahi ab tak? Dev says nahi maa neend nahi arahi hai! Ishwari says acha so how was the party. Dev excitedly says fantastic Ms.Boss ke sath dance karke bohot acha laga! Ishwari asks oh. Dev realises what he said and says I mean there was a competition that’s why! Ishwari says ok don’t think about that now sleep. Dev says I am not feeling sleepy just thinking about her.. Ishwari asks about her? Dev says no no nothing… Ishwari thinks I guess he is in love with Sona! That’s a great news!! He tries to sleep but just thinks about the dance with Sona.

Precap: Dev asks Sona for a dinner date!

Thank you so much guys for liking my ff and showering your comments, I am really very happy with the response.. keep commenting like this. Love you all…

Credit to: Maria

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  1. It was wonderful….love it …waiting eagerly to no about the dinner date….update fast…????

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  2. It was soooo

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  3. Lovely

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  4. Lovelly.. So cute.. Waiting for dinner date??

    1. Thanks Bhoomi

  5. I m loving it ??

    1. Thanks Benish

  6. So good yr

    1. Thanks Angel

    1. Thanks Laxmi

  7. Wow it’s so good Maria loved the dance part it’s so romantic n cute keep it up dear

    1. Thank you so much Jo 🙂

  8. Wow superb ff????????

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  9. Love it!

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