My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 5


Dev reaches his office and starts doing his work. Dev calls his peon and asks him to bring coffee for him. He agrees and leaves. Sona reaches Dev’s office to discuss Ishwari’s reports. Sona enters his cabin but Dev doesn’t notice her and they both clash! Sona falls in Dev’s arms. They share an eye lock. They both feel something strange which they cant express and they don’t know what it is! The peon knocks the cabin and says Sir your Coffee! Dev and Sona come to their senses and Dev makes Sona stand. Sona shies. Dev asks the peon to keep the coffee on table and leave. He does so and leaves. Dev asks so Ms.Boss you in office? Sona says yes actually I wanted to discuss Aunty’s reports with you. Dev says oh ok come sit. They both sit on the couch. Sona explains the reports to Dev whereas Dev stares at Sona lovingly.

Sona looks up to him and Dev looks down in the reports. Sona stares at him lovingly when Dev asks so Ms.Boss there is improvement in her reports! And he looks up to her and Sona looks down quickly avoiding an eye contact. Sona says ok so I may leave. Dev says itni jaldi bhi kya hai? Sona asks what? Dev says I mean.. its lunch time now you can have lunch with me. Sona says no its ok I will have it later and she gets up to leave but Dev holds her hand and says please. Sona turns back and feels butterflies in her tummy. Dev leaves her and says I am sorry. Sona smiles. She sits on the couch. Dev stares at her and gives a confused look! Sona says why are you giving ,e this look you only told me to wait and have lunch with you na? Dev says yes yes… They both have lunch. And later Sona returns back toDev’s house.

In Dev’s house,
She asks Kitchu bhaiya to prepare a fruit juice for aunty. He does it and she goes to give it to Ishwari. Ishwari asks come sit Sona. She sits down. Ishwari asks so the one who will marry you would be so lucky! You are so good! Sona says its nothing like that Aunty, and actually I don’t want to marry! Ishwari asks what? But why? Sona says no you will laugh if I tell you the reason. Ishwari says tell me I will not laugh. Sona says actually aunty I think that there is no boy made for me in this world who can complete my love story. My love story can complete only in dreams and not reality. No one is like the one I want, that’s why. Ishwari says it’s a coincidence. Sona asks what? Ishwari says Dev also thinks the same! Sona asks really? Ishwari says yes. She thinks wow they both have the same thinking! They are definitely made for each other. They will complete their love story with each other and she smiles. Sona asks what happened aunty what are you thinking? Ishwari says no no nothing!

Later Dev reaches home and Sona is leaving. They both smile seeing each other. Sona says bye Mr.Dixit, he also says bye. Ishwari sees them and smiles. Dev thinks I was wrong, she is not rude, she is very sweet. Next day, Dev is invited for a party. He sees Sona coming and asks her if she can come with him. Sona says but Mr.Dixit. Ishwari hears them and says you should go Sona I will take care of myself. Sona says but aunty I don’t even have a proper dress. She says don’t worry you can wear Neha’s dress. Now come. She goes and wears a baby pink gown. She comes out and Dev is mesmerised by her beauty. He stares at her. Sona comes near him and asks can we go? Dev comes back to his senses and says sure. And they leave for the party.

Precap: Sona and Dev dance on the song Jeena Jeena… 😉

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. Osm episode plzzzzzzzz post the next episode asap

  2. I love it.. Your love story is going sweet.. Seriously.. I’m loving it.. I love to wait for the next part.. Your ff brings a smile on my face.. I’m very glad.. Pls keep writing.. Lots of love,
    Shraman (nikita)

  3. Superb …… love devakshi today …. amazing precap…. They r really mad for each other.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Keep it up ur good working…. very nice today episode and precap…..

  5. Amazing!!! I love it! Keep writing??????

  6. Waooo very romantic story…
    M reading first time ur story…its very nice….
    Plz post d next episode

  7. Hey it was really nice.. waiting for the party episode

  8. Both r looking very cute while staring each other…….awesome..

  9. Soooo sweet.waitaing for the episode

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